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Welcome to Kennedy’s Honest Story Reviews!
You may have noticed that I say what I mean, and that I’m an opinionated reader.
So, how about some reviews?

If you are just requesting a review because you want more reads, you’re being disrespectful to those who actually want feedback, AND to me for wasting my time.

  1. State your story title. (And author name, if it’s different from your username here.)
    a) If it’s published, that’s all you need.
    b) If it isn’t, send me the cover art, description, and sharing link.
  2. Tell me if you want a public review (on this thread) or a private review (in a private message).
  3. Let me know how honest you want the review to be, as I can be brutal and nit-picky.
    a) If you do, you will be warned. You will then be moved lower on the list.
    b) If this behavior is consistent, it will be flagged, and I will not review your story.
  5. One story at a time! I’m not going to read six different stories at the same time. Wait until I’ve finished your first, then I’ll get to the next one.
  6. Depending on the length of your chapters, I will only read up to 3-4 chapters. (SPECIFY how many you want me to read!)
  7. Leave a like on this post, so I can keep track of who’s reading this.
  8. Questions, concerns, or comments? Let me know!


  • Directing. it doesn’t have to be advanced, but if there are problems with the directing, I will mention them.

  • Grammar, Spelling, and Language. Even if English isn’t your first language, I will correct your English. I proofread as well- just PM to request.

  • Plot. How interesting is your plot? How does the story play out? Is it interesting? How cliche is your story’s plotline?

  • Characters. Are the characters three-dimensional? Are they relatable? How do they develop?

  • Miscellaneous. I will review: overlays that have weird borders or look out of place, characters & outfits that look too generic, episode length, choices, art/covers, etc.

  • What YOU want me to Review. If you have a particular aspect of your story that you are concerned about, feel free to ask for my feedback on it.

    Right now, I am able to review stories. However, spots will be limited from July 1st-31st, as I will be away. After that, I’ll be free a little bit more. If you’re just reading this for the password, shame on you. If you read the rules, great! it’s Scarlet Letter. Please put it at the beginning of your summary!

    I will generally have 7-10 spots open.

1- Intoxicating Love @Neethelap
2- Let it Go @Innocence
3- Tribe of Malapinchi @JannahJackson
4- Enemy and Saviour @Bokkie19

If you’d like a review, please let me know in the comments, with all of the criteria listed above!

Many thanks to @LiyahxWrites, @CoraMae, and @MezoriaThorn for your support when it comes to sharing my opinions!


Sound interestining . I may regrest in the future. right now one of my only published stories has enough rewiews. and another I am workining on. I dont fell ready to show it to anyone.


I would ask you for your opinion about my clue entry story, but it’s ok, I don’t need it anymore. I know it sucks and that I’ll never be good enough writer… :pensive:

Password: Scarlet Letter
Title : Life in Demby
Author : Megz_episode
Description : The new students arrive in the university of Demby to start their new life. What will happen when the mysterious Author try to draw them into his sick, twisted game?
Drama : drama
Cover : IMG_20190617_022004_457
Instagram : megz_episode7997
Link :
This is my story. I would be happy if you give it a honest review.

I love this! The whole set up looks very nice :smirk:
Also, it’s always best to read everything before posting your story in a thread.

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Cora!! Mae!! Montgomery!! (I’m making up a last name because I don’t know yours)
You are a fantastic writer. Don’t doubt yourself!
I’m happy to review it. It’s the least I can do to repay you for your kindness …:orange_heart:

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If you’re talking about people who want reviews, agree.
If you’re talking about me, what did I screw up this time? Lol

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Hahah, the person above didn’t include the password. You’re fine, love!

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Please state how honest you’d like it.
And if you’d like it to be public or private.

Did you read the rules? You’re missing the password & some other things in your request :wink:

Halo! Here is my deets!
Password: Scarlet Letter
Title: Regrets and Threats
Desc: After being falsely accused in a kidnapping plot and brutal assault, Alexis has been thrown behind bars! Will she ever prove her innocence or will she have to stay in prison?
Cover: Regrets_and_Threats_posterThumb_tcE9rFvTH4
The Link:
I want a public review!
Be very honest when you do my review! I want to see what different people think about my story!

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I want you to share what you really thing of my story and I want to publish it.

Please read the rules for your story to be reviewed. Thanks babe!

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I understand, but you forgot to include the password. :wink:

It’s Jones :heart: And I don’t mind if you rip my story totally, because cruel honesty is better than bitter sweet lies.

Password: Never read that! (SL story I mean)

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Haha, it’s amazing.
What’s the title of the story? Is it published?

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Clue: The Wrong Lead

Published yeah, and failed as everything I write.

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What password :smiley::smiley:

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Scarlet letter,
Title: I made the devil cry
Author: Šebule
I would love to know your opinion because I would like to know if somebody else understand it, if it’s catchy, I like to show things more than tell and I don’t know if it’s not too confusing … And I don’t know if I should continue it the way it is or not :confused:
Thank you!


And I forgot, you can send it here, I don’t mind, I’m okay with both ways :slight_smile:


Please read the rules!

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