KEYBOARD issues?


Is it just my computer or do other people have this problem?

Whenever I’m writing in the Episode Interactive, my keyboard is sooo laggy and will skip letters that I’m hitting. It’s only when I’m on Episode though every other time I use my keyboard it’s totally fine. I’m wondering if it’s some sort of setting? It’s extremely annoying and causes me soooo many errors

Thanks!! :heart_eyes:

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I haven’t had that happen in awhile, but I remember just refreshing the page and it worked fine after that. It might be something with the portal, but I think it’s just your computer’s way of saying “Hey, you’ve been on here for a long time.” Like, for some reason, when I binge a bunch of episodes on Netflix, it’ll suddenly take forever to load the next one. I might be completely wrong lol, but that’s just my experience with it.

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try another internet browiser maybe it will help - I never had this problem so it is most likely something in your PC that is causing this.

Also episode potal is extremly consuming on memory of the PC I have 2 notebooks and one have problems to preview sometimes while the other is OK. So maybe the slow respond of the keybord can be also because of the memory - that the pc is not quick enoug to sed there and back the informations…?

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Thanks so much!!

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Thank you for your help I’ll try that!