Keyboard Shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts I’ve found for the portal:
ctrl+s saves your work
ctrl+/ removes and adds comments
ctrl+f finds words
ctrl+f ctrl+f or ctrl+h replaces words
ctrl+k to find words
ctrl+l to go to a line number
ctrl+p takes you to where the choice starts and ends
ctrl+{ and ctrl+} to move text right or left
ctrl+, to change how the portal looks

Some more obvious ones:
ctrl+z redo
ctrl+y redo the redo
ctrl+a highlights everything
ctrl+c to copy
ctrl+v to paste
ctrl+Arrow Keys to move around
ctrl+Backspace to delete words
ctrl± to zoom out
ctrl++ to zoom in

Have you guys found anymore? :smile:


ctrl+x cuts the highlighted section.

I honestly didn’t know there were more shortcuts to use in the portal. THIS IS EXTREMELY HELPFUL! THANK YOU!


Oh it does! Nice :smile: Ooooh yay! I’m happy you think it’s helpful~



Wow, a lot of these are super handy! :blush:

A shortcut I found handy was

It’ll duplicate the line the cursor is currently on :smile: It was super nice when changing family members in CC!

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thanks for sharing. I’ll save it. :two_hearts: :heart_eyes: :two_hearts:

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That’s really neat! :heart_eyes:

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