🧚🏼‍♀️Khyra’s Proofreading Shop🧚🏼‍♀️ [CLOSED UNTIL JAN 15]

Hey thank you for this amazing opportunity, I’ve published my first story and I’d like if you look into it
I’d appreciate if you suggest me how to make it better
Looking forward to it
Instagram handle- @mikasa_episode_writer

Link of my story-

You can check for any grammar related errors and also if you find any mistakes related to directions and stuff, you can notify me as well
I am having 6 episodes out now but I might need you again when I release further episodes
Thank you

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Hey are you able to proofread my story?

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Hey, I’ve been grounded for a few days, I’ll probably be able to get back to proofreading on Jan. 15th.

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Sure thing! My shop has been closed until the 15th though, so I can start then.

(I got grounded, I’m a minor so it happens yknow)


No problem… I’ll be waiting

Hey girl! i would love to have a proofread/feedback on my story
here is my insta @freyamacluwl.episode
and here’s the link :slight_smile: