Kicked out of book club, extremely mad!

I finally found a book club where people participate and we can reach our goal. I got randomly kicked out and I had over 200 points so far during this challenge. I am so mad right now this is absolutely ridiculous!

I don’t even remember the name of the club, only that we had to get at least 70 reads each.

I know it’s a common glitch to get kicked out but I am so frustrated right now because I got so many points. It’s like as soon as Episode sees you may reach your goal, it kicks you!


How does a book club work? I don’t have access to my episode account on my phone. Because when I first made it, I was on an android device. I switched to an iphone 4 years ago but my laptop is a windows. I write on the portal though my laptop but not logged in on my iphone. Sorry about what happened to you btw

I’ve switched Episode accounts over the years and lost some progress. But you can login with your email account at least preview your stories in app.

But so the book clubs, you join one and when you read a story you get a book club point (1 per episode), if you read the “challenge” story (chosen by the book club leader, it gets you 2 points per episode.

Your club racks up points for a max of 1750 (25 members allowed) and you get certain milestone rewards (like gems, passes, ect).

(Hey I have a book club if you’d like to join it there is a 30 pts requirement or reason as why u can’t make it .)

I did already join a club but what’s the name of yours, the one I just joined doesn’t seem very active :smiling_face_with_tear:

I do have a club with Marysol as she was the original clubs owner, we only require that you make 10 points each challenge and communicate with us if you can’t do the challenge that week.
Downside we do kick as group, meaning we all agree if a person should be kicked if we noticed after so many challenges you didn’t make points. We like everyone to have a voice there :slightly_smiling_face:. So if a club like that is up your alley, we can try to make room for you after the challenge


Ohuuu yes I would love that! Let me know if there’s room after :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely shot you a pm after the challenge finishes

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It’s called Fire and Ice . If u wanna join feel free to dm :hugs:

I’m glad I’m not the only one relating to this :sob: I thought it was a me thing and I was getting kicked out by the club owner lol

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I honestly thought that too, but then I was like why would they kick me out when I have the most points like what

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thats so unfair on your end ):

That’s rough! Losing over 200 points in a book club challenge due to a glitch is definitely frustrating. Have you tried reaching out to Episode support for assistance? Hopefully, they can help resolve the issue. Don’t let this setback discourage you from participating in future challenges. Your dedication is commendable!