Kidnapped Story Writing Group! 😯



You might already know about this thread:

Yep! I need characters! Go to that link if you wish to be a character!

ANYWAY, I need a writing group for my story. I always come up with stories and end up throwing them away…so I plan to finish this!

-NAR -No amount required eg.Never ending!!!

Here are the rules:
-Must be active at least 3-5 times a week
-No swearing and must be nice to one another
-Maximum 2 jobs!!!
-Have fun!

Here are the roles I need:

  • Artist : NAR
    -Writers x3 0/3 filled
    -Social Media Expert x1
    -Story Planner x3 0/3 filled
    -Overlay Artist x2 0/2 filled
    -Background Artist x2 02 filled
    -Coder for problems…x2 0/2 filled
    -I will fill more positions later if needed…
    (Now, I know most of you know that I can make arts too, but I’m a bit busy so I need this awesome group!:grin::grin::grin:)

This group is called…THE KIDNAPPED GROUP!!! (so lame)
If ANYONE can come up with a better title…please PM me!
If ANYONE can come up with a position in the group, please PM me.

Here is the sign up sheet! I will PM you to tell you if you are in! Thanks guys!

Need art covers or smth...?

The Kidnapped Group sounds like the group was kidnapped…


That’s what I thought. :joy::joy:


Exactly. PM me some ideas?


I would… if I had any. I’m rubbish at names and stuff like that. I let my first member come up with the name for my group Episode Royalty - I would’ve never been able to come up with that lol. :joy:


Ha! Like to join?


I would (again)… except I have my own writing group to manange. Sorry but feel free to ask me any time for a bit of help or find us on Instagram @penroyalty! :wink:


Okay no worries!


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: