“…and Kylie will show you exactly where you need to go!” The woman is standing poised and proud up on the stage with her neck slightly bent for her voice to be heard clearly through the mic. She shuffles her papers and grins at the crowd of parents and children in front of her. “I’m sure your children will love it here! But, I digress. That concludes my speech for today, please look to your guides and enjoy the Open Day here at St Summers.” She looks pointedly at a girl by her side who is trying not to make it seem so obvious that she has earphones stuffed in her ears.

The girl, who has long, shoulder-length brown hair and dark eyes rips the earphones out of hear ears and smiles wryly at the crowd before stepping up to the podium. “Yeah, so, if you have a little blue dot on your name tag, come with me!”

You look down at your name tag and know instantly what she is talking about, and follow the crowd of people who are already making their way toward her. “Hello,” you say quietly when you reach her, and she smiles.

“Hey…” she makes a show of looking pointedly at your name tag. “[y/n], welcome to hell. I’m joking. You’ll be fine. Maybe. B.tch central around here. Anyway…” she laughs and stands on her tip-toes in order to see over the heads of everyone in the crowd. She counts twelve people, then grins down at you. “Welcome to the joy ride, people. First things first, I need you each to fill out a form so that I can account for all of you. I didn’t write it, Principal Georgio did, so don’t get grumpy at me for all her nosy a$$ questions.”

“Alright!” The girl grins. “Are you guys done? Go-od… Anyway, my name is Reynara and I’m to be your guide for today. I guess we’ll start with the cliques, since the second you step through those gates, I’ll bet you’re gonna be stuffed into whatever group you’re destined to be in…”

miss popularity .

[Lead female, 0/1, lead male, 0/1, females, 1/3 (0/3 reserved)]
These girls are the grade a b**hes, the popular snobs, but also the sexy chicks that all the guys flock toward. Their parties? You want to go to. Their lives? You want to be in 'em. Their boyfriends? They’re the guys you’ve been crushing on. Occassionally you get the rare nice one out of the bunch, but they’re still in this group for a very apparent reason.

jocks .

[captian males 0/2, 0/6 : females, 0/3]

These are the sporty guys, the ones all the girls want. The guys who hang around and play basketball at lunch, and look hella sexy doing so.

nerds .

[males, 0/3 : females, 0/3]

This is the group of computer geeks, the ones obsessed with comic book heroes and the ones who cry about book fandoms all day long. They’re more obsessed with their fandom than the real world, and they secretly have that Starwars stash hidden somewhere under their bed.

Wallflowers .

[males, 0/3 : females 0/3]

The socially awkward loners who have a self-proclaimed fear of crowds. They’re the shy or excluded person at a dance or party, especially a girl without a partner.

regulars .


These are the people who don’t fit into a clique at all - those who hang out in their own little group of misfits at recess and lunch and on weekends.

“Now! For the classes and electives,” Reynara claps her hands together unenthusiastically, with a disgusted look on her face.


  • Soccer (both)
  • Basketball (both)
  • Football (boys)
    captain- taken
  • Volleyball (both)
  • Cheerleading (both)
    co-captain- taken


  • Visual Arts

  • Photography

  • Drama

  • Physical Education

“And, finally, the rules! 'Cause what is a boarding school without rules…?” Reynara makes a face, and then begins listing the rules, one by one.

  • Everyone has their own house for their clique.

  • No leaving school grounds without permission

  • No bullying/harassment

  • Appropriate clothing must be worn at all time

  • No racism, sexism or rude religious comments.


  • :slight_smile: be nice.

  • Please star out or blur cussing because I don’t want to f.cking come after you with a stick. muahaha

  • sexual scenes! Fade in… and out.

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i’ll co-own with you!
i’ll do a female volleyball captain and lead female popular (might do a 3rd - male idk)


awesome. so you can also take control over this. I can add you all the docs so you’ll be able to change then and such.


okay should I PM you my email so you can let me have access?


yes please!


When your signup is done, I want to be the head cheerleader :blush:


The head captain of the cheerleading team


I’d like to make a reservation for 2 characters, if it’s possible of course. A Lead male popular!
and a Female soccer co-captain!
Omg i love school rps, i’d say i’d want to co this with you, but i feel like i’d rather experience this as a full rping!
Great Rp idea!


I want to make a reservation to be a head cheer captain


all reserved!


Reserving female popular and regular male