Kiki's Hub (Coding/Art Commissions)

Hi Episodians! Welcome to Kiki’s Hub- where I do my absolute best to help you grow as an author.

I’ve been in the Episode community for A WHILE now, so I decided to open up my Ko-Fi shop, dedicated to helping authors in any way possible.

Source: trust me bro. Just kidding, I’m very familiar with advanced directing, and I have years of experience with proofreading. It’s a part of my actual job! So why not use that experience here, right?

What services do I offer? They’re listed here!

Beta-reading ONE episode - free.
Music directing (picking music/a soundtrack for your story) - free. For unpublished stories only.
Designing outfits - free.
Character/customization cards - free.

Payment is not required, but feel free to tip me on Ko-Fi. These requests can be booked through the forums here.

  • Story Logos/Overlays - $5
  • Beta Testing - $5 for 3 episodes. - any additional 3 episodes is an extra $5.
  • Coding One Episode Scene - $10. (Additional scene are an extra $5.)
  • Proofreading - $10.
    OR 1-2 Coffees, if you want more simple proofreading (and wanna pay less.) The limit for the Ko-Fi Proofreading services is 3 episodes.
  • Intro/Outro Template Package - $10
  • Coding 1 Chapter/A Full Story - $30 per chapter (over 5k lines of code is an additional $15.)

These are just a few of the services I offer. For examples, you can read any of my current stories.

Template Example

Intro Example

Feel free to check out my recently completed story, Deadly Nightshade!

Logos/Overlays Examples

For coding examples, feel free to read any of my stories.

Outfit Form
  • Character’s Name & Basic Description:
  • Clothing Style:
  • Colors You Want/Need:
  • When Do You Need It?:

Credit is not required for outfits.

Beta-Reading Form (1 episode only)
  • Story Title (or Story Card):
  • Description:
  • Genre:
  • Link:
Character/Customization Cards Form
  • Character Details:
  • Pose:
  • Background:
  • Colors You Want To Be Used:
  • When Do You Need It?:

I can’t do custom poses, unfortunately.

For music directing, send me your story/details through a PM. :grin: We’ll work together!

I EXPECT CREDIT FOR ALL MY WORK, unless stated otherwise.

Completed Requests

I only take payment through Ko-Fi. It has all my services. The link is here. You can also book services through my Ko-Fi.


Happy birthday!

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Thank you!

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Reopened! You can book requests on here now!

Bump! :ribbon:

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How did u get it reopened

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A mod (Sydney) messaged me and I had to move the thread to a different category.

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Hey! I pmed you! :white_heart:

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Thank you! Answering right now!

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Hey! Do you think you could make some outfits and characters for me?
I need some background characters they are from Columbia do you think you could also make them outfits?

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Colombia the country? Yes, I can do that. Just fill out the form above!

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Character’s Name & Basic Description: There are no names at the moment but they are all from Columbia and live there
Clothing Style: Basic,Humble
Colors You Want/Need: Any colors
When Do You Need It?: Like two three weeks

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Thank you so much!

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Hi @dynamite-ash! I’ve made a few female outfits for you.

I’m not sure if you wanted any male ones, but I’ve made the female ones.






(Sorry it took me so long, school had me busy.)

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Thank you i love them!

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You’re welcome! Also the basic outfit should show up now!

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I love the basic one!

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I’m very glad you like it! :blob_hearts:

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