Kiki's official bg thread! 💚

Hey community! :wave:t3:

As the name says half of it, this is a thread where I will share backgrounds that I have edited from Episode or made 100% by myself!


You can also make suggestions!

  • You can use them as long as you credit me in readerMessage or at the end of every Episode you use them! @kikiepimoon

  • You can’t edit my bg! If you want to add something or change something let me know!

  • Don’t remove my name from background!!!

  • Don’t be rude as I have other things to do too!

  • How many zones
  • Do you want a day and night version
  • Do you want a matching overlays
  • Describe the bg as much as possible
  • Theme (bedroom, bathroom, balcony, etc.)
  • Anything else you want to add

Hope you will like my backgrounds! Please don’t be rude as I’m only just starting out now! :green_heart:

Waiting list

Check out my art shop too!


I’m pretty sure @/amepisode has some. You can check out her drive, under “Backgrounds” and then “Pride”!:purple_heart:

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Thank you for suggestion! :green_heart:

I checked her drive, but I was thinking more of something like INT. CAFE CASUAL WINDOW

I would edit it by myself but as I have 5 art scenesthat I need to get done, I can’t. :cry:

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Oh, that’s a shame. I’m unfortunately not an editor or artist, so I can’t help you :confused:
Good luck :blob_hearts:

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Thank you for your help anyway! :orange_heart:
I always forgot thatI can try to found some bg in @/amepisode drive! :sweat_smile:

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Pride cafe background!!!

I edited episode original one! What do you think? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Pride cafe - day


first chair pride cafe - day by @kikiepimoon
first table pride cafe - day by @kikiepimoon
second chair pride cafe - day by @kikiepimoon
second table pride cafe - day by @kikiepimoon