Killer Duo Partnership

Anyone want to pair and work on a good story that would be amazing. I have ideas, I can code but I want someone who can do art and kind of code a bit as well. We will work together and be in contact however you find best! Just reply if your serious and want to contribute to this. We about to go into another lockdown😒 and writing is what I’m going to be doing more!

Im Raevyn

I have a lot of experience with coding
I’ve been in a lot of art programs and will be taking a digital design course next week
I own a drawing tablet and stylus
I know how to make overlays and gifs as well as how to apply them in the story
As I stated above I haven’t had much time with digital art

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I love it! So where do you think will be a great place for us to communicate.

I have messenger, discord, instagram, whatsapp, snap, or kik

We can do instagram. I made one fore episode like 2 days ago lol. We can do instagram and sometimes on here as well. My instagram is queen_phoenix30

Did you just add me?

yes i did wintercerberus0

Alright I see you. I will DM you from there in a minute