Killerfrost's Cover/Splash/PP/ Charector edit Shop!



Heya’all! I am bored right now and decided to make a thread shop! Gimme gimme whatever request ya guys have! :heart:️:heart:️

My Examples


I need art for my story
Need of a pop or character info art

Hiiiiiii bestie mind if I requestttt




Hey, Can I have a drawing for my episode fourms character, And a background Like the one saying “Hello Welcome to my account”

And then a drawing of:

And I want her to have her hand on her cheek and she’s gonna be bored.


Sure! I’ll get on with it right away!


Any particular theme? Or a backround?


Oh! The theme is Aesthetic… The background doesn’t matter.


I’ll give it to ya within 5 hrs… sorry I am little busy right now


Something like this?? Please tell me if ya want to change something/everything/anything !

Tysm for requesting on killerfrost’s shop! :kiss:


Or that
Please credit me if ya usin …


Wow amazing


Thanks boo💋


Can I request last shop I request they denied it


Okay! Watcha want boo?


Give me a second
Skin Tone olive
~Eyebrows sedutive arch
~Hair + Color beace wave purple
~Eyes + Color uptoned bold purple
~Face oval
~Nose elvel
~Lips + Color : round bold. Rubby red

Skin Tone olive
~Eyebrows sedutive arch
~Hair + Color beace wave pink
~Eyes + Color uptoned bold pink
~Face oval
~Nose elvel
~Lips + Color : round bold.

This is a splash

It should say Welcome to deadly twins


I’d like to request a cover for my story.


Ojeh I’ll get on with ya right away!!


Sure! Can you send me the details please?


I’d like this character in the center looking a bit confused and surrounded by different versions of herself wearing different cloths with multiply expressions. The title will be Forgotten.


Okay sure