Kind of confusing question that I need answered

Sorry if the question is too confusing! But I hope it can be answered tho lol :x

I was wondering how to make an animation immediately go on after another :thinking: okay, i think im not being that clear so let me explain my question a bit…

So ive seen some stories that for example the character talks in talk_greet animation then after the animation ends and the reader hasnt finished reading yet another animation goes on, i feel like im too confusing sorry :sweat_smile:

But I hope you can understand my question! Thanks in advance

I need to know asap :sob:

Do you mean when a character is talk_greet another character does another animation. So, the other character is doing an animation while the first character does talk_greet? Cause if you want to write that, you need to try this:

&CHARACTER2 is animation
CHARACTER1 (talk_greet)

I hope this helps. :sweat_smile:

I already know that but thanks anyway tho!
I meant the same character like the character is talking and when the animation ends and the reader was still
reading another animation goes on im too confusing af

You could do the animations before the dialogue

&CHAR is talk_greet THEN CHAR is talk_think

Ok :+1: Ill go ahead and try that and see how it goes :smile:

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It worked! Thank you so much! :heart:

@Jeremy or @Sydney_H please close this thread as this has been solved :blush:


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