Kinda depressed

Hey guys. I feel really awful. I feel that I’m not determined enough and lazy and weak. It’s just… When I try something new and cannot succeed in it I immediately give everything the hell up! It happened a lot of times.

When I tried writing story on episode. Firstly I wrote it on my phone but then I realised there is a writing portal. I tried writing there but ugh… I’m awful at programming! I could not even make the character appear on a screen! :sob:
Then I realised I cannot even create the plot. It exists in my mind and I feel the characters living in my head. But I cannot transform them from my head and describe everything with the words! I can write a short story, I’m good at writing at school. But here something stops me!
Next, I got interested in making episode edits, art scenes. I installed several apps, tried all of them. It was very difficult to learn all these things. At the end I still was not satisfied with my work. I’ve just understood the basics and don’t feel any determination to continue learning and trying.
Again about stories. I read them a lot on episode and it inspires me to write my own ones. But. I’m so freaking lazy! I cannot even create an interesting character and his personality. I try to encourage myself not to give up but it doesn’t work.

There are plenty of examples of me giving up. I’m tired of it. It makes me feel terrible. I have very low self-esteem. I feel depressed cause I can’t figure out my hobbies and my talents. I feel that I’m useless and worthless.
Can you please give me some advice on what to do because right now I feel miserable. I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


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Well first of all, I can relate lmao :joy:
If you give up on something quickly because you can not succeed it,then maybe you should wait a little when you are motivated again and try it then.

Some tips,

writing Episode on portal can be extremely difficult if u don’t know the basics well so I recommend watching YouTube videos, Joseph Evans helped me learn everything about it.

you should remember why you started in a first place and should try to find motivation in anything.
Maybe go on Episode and read some good stories to help you or watch a movie to get some plot ideas.

and if you need help with it you can always PM me or anyone else I would love to help you.


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I really wanna help but because of my crappy family I’m in the down zone as well and just kinda waiting for school to talk to some people but I really hope you feel better and I’m sorry I’m not better help I would say just to try and talk to people you feel would make you comfortable and be able to express your feelings done hold back if you need to cry and just scream well dangit you better do it because that’s your feelings and you have every right to express what you need.

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Thank you! I’ll try to learn some basics, maybe it will help me. :yellow_heart:

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No problem and if u have problem or if you are stuck on something feel free to PM me.

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Thanks anyway! I do already feel better cause u replied! It means a lot! :heart:

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I will :hugs:

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Awwwww I’m so glad to hear that! Stay strong girly you’re amazing!


I wish I could help but I’m not too good either :sweat_smile: I’m happy but my anxiety has been acting up lately and I’m overly stressed :grimacing: Find anything at all that will lift your mood even a little, read a book, draw, listen to music, watch your favourite show, anything :heart:

I wish I could help more :two_hearts:

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Aaww thanks! Yeah, good music and films can help
Hope you will feel better!

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You too :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Aww I am so sorry bitch! I was like that my first time writing too. It sucks to hear but the best thing you can do is just keep going and give it time. Like anything you need to learn, practice makes perfect! Read the forums and just keep on going!

Aaww thanks! :heart:

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Don’t feel this way, lemme tell you I avoid writing my story like I just want to successfully finish it but some tips?

Watch tons of things and write things down when you find something interesting

For edits, honestly keep practicing. I was never happy with my edits and I searched everywhere to find a tutorial but I never found one and just practiced. I’m pretty happy with my work now :blush:

sorry for horrible advice ;(((

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I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner lmao what with my relapse and all, life’s a messed up playhouse (what am I saying :rofl:)

I get you. My motivation is shot, and I think I am lazy. But I know you’re not. You are such a kind, intelligent, witty, funny soul. Perhaps you should take a break from trying to write. Clear your head. First, don’t try to write a story. My very first ‘story’, or piece, was actually in spotlight format (so that you don’t worry about character placement). From there, I learnt about zooms, pans and transitions. Then character placement. It’s good that you can think of your characters in your head. Think of them as real people, your friends. Think about what they would probably say if they were real. Maybe you could even base characters off of real people at first. I know it’s discouraging to feel like you can’t do anything. But there are so many things that you can do, and you don’t even realise it. You had the courage to reach out on here. You are good at writing at school. You are kind, generous. You’re good at Russian. You’re friendly. You’re really good at English. I didn’t know English wasn’t your first language before you told me.

A talent doesn’t have to be something big. It doesn’t have to be something amazing, or breathtaking. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s not. Maybe your talent is being compassionate. Lame? Not really. It’s hard to think about other people in a lot of situations. Maybe your talent hasn’t been discovered yet. You’re still young. You have lots of life left to live. I’ve found something I love- rhythmic gymnastics. But maybe, just maybe, in a couple of years, I’ll move onto something else. Hobbies aren’t a fixed thing. You don’t have to ‘figure them out’. You don’t have to label yourself as ‘a good artist’ or a ‘good author’. Just do what makes you happy. You’ll get much further that way.


I wish I could help you but I’m no longer associated with happiness :grimacing:

However, I’d say to let it out, try to keep your head up, and work hard. Practice helps as well.


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Well, I’ve been trying to write for 2 years. But I haven’t even gotten 1 episode done, so I can relate. I kinda gave up half way through writing epiosde 1 for all of my stories. And now I’m about to start on my next story! :grinning:

Same here, whenever I open my pc the ideas are all gone.

I kinda feel the same, cauz in rral life I really don’t know what my hobbies are, I just suck at everything. If you ever feel useless, remember there are always other people more useless then you:smirk:

You don’t have to write if you don’t feel comfortable to. Just read stories or chat with us here, or try doing episode art, you don’t have to stress yourself form trying to write. Or give yourself a break, then come back to it.

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Episode stories aside, if you are truly feeling depressed and not just “sad”, you need to seek professional help.

If not, then you have used the wrong word.


It is not a horrible advice! Thank you :heart:
Yeah, I should probably really learn something before trying to do it without any knowledge of how to.

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