Kinda depressed

Oh mom! Thank you very much! It means a lot. It’s a shame but… I didn’t get one thing. What does the word compassionate mean? :woman_facepalming:

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Ahahah lmaooo on the floor :joy:

However it did help me feel better.
Yea, chatting with you is amazing, thank you guys! :heart:


Ahh I forgot you’re not English (because your English is seriously THAT good :joy:) it means you care a lot about other people and are very passionate and caring.


i can relate!! what helps me (ik it’s stupid):

  • i clean my room. in the beginning i hate it but with some good music it’s actually fun :slight_smile:

  • I make a list with things i really want to do this year to inspire me!

  • I go shopping or do something for myself

  • I dance. it makes me forget things but i don’t use a mirror becouse i can’t dance :stuck_out_tongue:

  • I DON’T look in the mirror for to long, it makes me feel bad about myself becouse how longer i look how more i see the flaws about myself!


Okay totally relatable lmao. Secondly, I tried all those things and failed too. Kinda on story writing part right now but I am still not giving up. I have convinced myself that I can do it and I won’t stop trying until I am absolutely convinced that I really really don’t want to.

I guess, for me one thing that works is just keep writing. Even if it’s rubbish, even if its really bad, just keep writing. Then read back on what you wrote and change whatever you don’t like. Because the first step to creating a flawless storyline is creating a storyline. Then you can make it good later on. At least you’ll have something to work on. Or else you’ll just end up procastinatong.


Don´t give up dear!

I know the feeling…
When I see something cool like drawings, edits, nice directing in stories - I think ohhh let me try, and when I don´t succeed it brings me down and I feel so utterly uncreative and sad. I give up quite quickly and that´s my bad habit. The thing is, you need to commit, give it time, fail once, twice or ten times but try again!

When I started writing my first script here, coding seemed like chinese letters to me. But I have been doing it for I think a couple of weeks now, and I feel so much better already. My storyline is coming along and by practicing AND failing I am learning so much every day.

Sure I get upset when something doesn´t work out for me. Like I installed Picsart and watched a couple of tutorials on Youtube. I thought okay… I have drawed before in my life, I am quite good at graphic design, I can def draw on picsart… right?

NOPE. I spent several hours on trying to do outlining and drawing on my photo and I gave up in the midst of doing it because it looked HIDEOUS. I am staying away from ´art´ for a while now. Sticking to my graphic design :roll_eyes:


Thank you guys! Now I feel much better! :heart: :purple_heart: :blue_heart: :green_heart: :yellow_heart: :orange_heart: :heartbeat: Love y’all!

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