Kinda lazy, tired and whatever? Read desc. Tho!

Alright so I’m kinda in the mood to do sum nice.
So drop down ur stories if u need cover art or a splash. NO PFPS, EDITS OR ETC! Then provide me with your Instagram. I’ll be possibly checking out your STORIES ink and LL but I’m not editing guys. The most characters I’ll do is about 2.

Story name:
Why you want a cover or splash:
Your insta:
How you know me: (lmao I just wanna know)
Bruh have u ever even seen my art doe-:

Okay lol thanks thanks.
Credit is sooooo required coz I’ll just report your story and everything :))


Yeah that’s fine but you would also need to send a ss of the latest chapter you’re on and the script :sweat_smile:

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@Sydney_H or @Nick can u also please close this one :skull::new_moon_with_face:

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