Kinda need friends so let’s start a conversation lol

Hiii episode community! My names Alissa anddd I’m in need of episode friends if you catch my drift :face_with_raised_eyebrow::pleading_face:. So I’ll start a brief conversation here mostly because I’m curious lol​:joy:. Has anyone actually tried transferring their data from android to iOS ? I’ve tried it and it won’t let me at alll​:pleading_face:

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yeah episode probably has really wierd servers because before there were no accounts and when they were introduced, there would be a whole host of problems and this is one of them lol

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Oh really🤭? I didn’t even know this was a huge problem in the episode community until recently to be honest. I even sent out a ticket to see if they’d be able to do it but apparently they don’t sadly

I really hope episode is trying to fix this problem though because I have an iPad and my phone is android but I can only read on my phone.

I hope so as well because my other phone is an android as well and I tried getting it transferred but it didn’t work. So hopefully they fix it asap

Closed by OP request. :smiley: