King Cletus or Josh in The Ruby Tiara?


I’m reading the Ruby Tiara & I absolutely love it. @wincyyellow great work!
The choices you make can give you either King Cletus or Royal Guard Josh as your love interest or no love interest.
For the people who did choose a love interest
Which one did you choose & why?
I chose King Cletus. I saw lots of chemistry between him & MC. He’s super hot too!

The Ruby Tiara Story

i chose cletus even though in real life i totally would have picked josh lol. One of the main reasons I chose cletus was because josh was emotionless and I was interested in where the king romance would go in the story line.


Yeah. Josh was pretty cold tbh. I know he had to be for his job but it wasn’t attractive.
Also the sexual activities with the King & MC are A+ haha


single, baybee.


He’s very different once you crack his wall :sweat_smile:


I chose Josh <3
He might be emotionless but he has a story inside him that was the reason he blinded himself and got rid of all of his emotions, if you chose him tho he will get his emotions back but only show it to ya




I def picked Josh. Cletus doesnt do it for me


Awe well I personally prefer Cletus but he’s cute:)


I chose King Cletus! I love his character so much. The idea of a king falling for the MC is so romantic as he admires her for who she is and is willing to disregard titles for her (even though she has the azure tiara now) I just found it so romantic.


I find it romantic too,
I love the story of ordinary women finding their true love in a prince or a king.
It’s a very popular way to go and that’s the way I wanted to go.
I connected with King Cletus too.
He’s amazing


I love Josh but he reminds me of a friend I have in real life and he is definitely better as a friend so I’m happy I didn’t choose him, but it was a hard choice.


I think he’s a really good friend too and he saves the MC several times which is very sweet however I didn’t feel the romantic connection between them.


Exactly, I got the friend vibe from him but he definitely gets the MC out of some tough situations.


I chose Josh. King Cletus was too old for my MC


:kissing_heart:I think I pretty much made a mistake when I chose Josh as my love interest…
Because I think everything bad happened because I chose josh?


Lol he ia on hes 30’s
Mc is on her 20’s since the portal made her skip a few years making her old


i just didn’t connect with either one.
not that they’re bad interests.

i disliked how King Cletus basically has 1833728 wives and regularly sleeps with all of them while you’re seeing him.

& Josh just seemed a little off put, ya know unconnected, emotionally detached
(and i didn’t like his nose heh)

i totally see why you’d choose either of them though. they’re both good love interests, i just don’t like them.


Bad things happen no matter what love interest you choose :slight_smile:


Actually, after promoting you to his empress, he never did another night attendance if you chose him as love interest :sweat_smile: