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The Game of Feuds and Feudalism!

Create a House, build your settlement, forge alliances or tear down your enemies! Indulge in open stories and enjoy a world ripe for the taking, it’s all up to you!

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X New Houses get 3 Posts of Peace (no threats)
X I guarantee 100% this is all randomly generated, I DO NOT favour anyone, the luck is all on the dice.

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The sun beams down on the world, and for a moment, all is calm. As the day draws on, the celebrations of House Gryllidae’s wedding continue into the night. Now is the time to bring forward gifts! Shame on those who thought not to bring any.

House Pyronix
A Stray Cat wanders in, and the cooks complain it’s eating the fresh fish. What do you do with it? It meows quietly, and seems rather skinny, but a good cat could be a good mouser. It’s quite hard to tell, do you take the chance? Meanwhile 20 people find themselves in the hamlet, and settle down soon enough to a freshly baked pie and a drink in the tavern.

House Lunar
Whoosh! A large gust of wind blows all your clean laundry into the mud. The washer maids mutter their apologies, but it would seem some clothes are left to ruins. The nice kinds too, and your favourite shirt. You could pay to replace them (100g) or just deal with the muddy stains. Who knows what your people will think of you if you do, though. Still, 13 people wander through and chuckle at the sight.

House Gryllidae
As the wedding continues, more gifts are brought forward. 308 food, valuables worth 129 gold, 10 extra people and even 5 guards! Now is time for the speeches! Hopefully your esteemed guests brought gifts, and hopefully you placed them at the right tables. Wouldn’t want an argument breaking out! 16 people are drawn to the celebrations, partaking in drinking competitions and dancing their hearts out.

House Erosella
Is it true? A withered old traveller ambles into the hamlet, telling strange and magical tales. Stories of wizards and dragons, of brave knights and kidnapped princesses, but one story in particular has everyone murmuring curiously. A powerful fairy, residing in a nearby lake, whose magic waters can heal all injury and grant immortal life! You could send a troupe of guards (-5) to see what all this nonsense is about, or you could just dismiss it as a fancy fairytale. Who knows? 12 people, looking for homes, sit down to enjoy the man’s wild stories, agreeing to stay as they sip berry wine.

House Espoir
At last, the camp becomes a home. Tents are brought down in replace of homely shacks, and finally a door sections out the frigid cold. By the entrance, a proud sign welcomes the 14 new settlers, reading “Autre” as it swings in the wind.


ORP: So, I make one character or can they have butlers and siblings and stuff?


You can have whoever you like, but you only have one leader. No spouses/children and you can have siblings but they can’t be in line to take over the house should your leader die.
For example, Cricket has Cassius, who’s Katarina’s illegitimate half-brother.
Or Kitten has Lady Selene, who’s siblings live miles away and have their own lives, so they wouldn’t take over if she failed.
Hope that makes sense.


Lady Katarina of Gryllidae

The ceremony itself went quite well.
Nobody noticed the two missing flower arrangements, and there was only one crying baby.

Now it is time for the good part.
Roasted chicken, fine bread, and of course, horse is served to the guests.

Once everyone has been served, Lady Katarina and the newly minted Sir Vladimir Anatolyevich Gryllidae stand, and Vladimir starts to speak:
“Good evening, everyone.”
He coughs.
“Now as I have never been too good with speeches, I’ll keep this short. Thank you, everyone, for coming-- especially those who had to travel quite a distance.
Lady Katarina and I would like to start off this evening with a toast to our parents. Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are today.”

“To parents, living and dead.”
Katarina raises her glass.
“And to Ognishye and the house of Gryllidae; may they live until the earth itself crumbles.”

The hall itself is a bit crowded. The members of other houses are seated near eachother on one side of the room near the front so they may talk to one another.
Peter, being a prominent member of Ognishye, is seated in a table near the foreign guests.

(Also, I suck at speeches, so I won’t go into much detail with any.)

Collect 308 food, 129 gold, 16 citizens, and ten guards.


Lady Danielle of House Holcus

She licked her lips, staring down at the town from the grand windows. She started chewing at her lip, a nervous habit she has developed over the years, as she debated what to do. Her mother couldn’t tell her and now neither could her father. She looked over her shoulder too to her assistant, “Tell the people that I want Hunters and tell the head builder I want a Tannery.” She bit her lip harder. They needed a medic, she needed to know that her people will be alright if anything happens. That’s all she needed. To trust that some will be okay. Her assistant nodded and left the room, leaving her alone in the cold, dark room. “Of course I had to be the heir.” She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose.

House Holcus builds Hunters and Tannery

People - 20 (12 idle)
Food - 80
Gold - 1,400

I hope I did this correctly


Lady Selene of House Lunar~~

Selene looked around her. The other ladies were seated quite near her. She wondered if she should talk to them. Maybe. For now, she would just stay quiet and hope for the best. The wedding had gone wonderfully, and it was now time for speeches and gifts. She had brought a smallish gift, 75 golds worth in valuables. She hoped it was good enough. She had only filled her plate with a small bit of food, as she had been trained to do. Also, she wasn’t that hungry.

Visiting post.


I think you only start out with 20 citizens; did you mean you only have 2 citizens idle?
Also, without a market you cannot exchange food for gold.
You might want to build of one.


Lady Angel of House Espoir

She had brought a gift of 100 gold, a bit humble but she thought it was a nice one. Ana approved of it, so it couldn’t have been that bad. She had taken a bit more food than she probably should’ve but she had wanted to try everything… She hadn’t seen so many different selections of food at one place in a very long time, and of course she was going to take advantage of it.
Beside her, Ana seemed content and happy whilst she ate her salad. Lady Angel could tell that Ana had enjoyed the ceremony as much as she did, and she was glad that she had brought her. She just hoped that Oscar wasn’t ruining Autre with his ruling techniques.

This is a Visiting Post


Lady Katarina of Gryllidae

After a while, Katarina decides to go over to the tables where the other ladies were seated.

“Good evening, thank you for traveling all this way.”
She smiles:
“Is the food satisfactory?”

No action taken.


Lady Angel of House Espoir

She nods vigourously. She gulps quickly, smiling at her. “It’s really good! I haven’t had food like this in awhile,” she says happily.
“The ceremony was lovely, milady.” Ana interjects, trying to stop Lady Angel’s bubbly behaviour. “Congratulations!” Lady Angel smiles too, saying “Yeah, congratulations to you both!”

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Lady Katarina of Gryllidae

“Thank you. How do you like Kadin? Cassius told me that you are originally from Anatolia.”

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Oh, you’re so right. My mind was like, okay you have 20 people and lose 8… 22!
I’m great at math! Also, wait I can post more than once…


Lady Angel of House Espoir

At the mention of Anatolia, Lady Angel could feel Ana stiffen beside her. She herself tensed up a bit, and the smile on her face faded a little, but she otherwise remained happy. She nods, a tight smile on her face. “Yes. We were originally from Anatolia.” She doesn’t say anything more about it, not wanting to have to relive painful memories. “Kadin is great so far. A lot more thieves and stuff than we’re used to, but it is a great place for farming and such.”

Visiting Post


You can make a ‘Visiting post’ when talking to another player but nothing changes statistics wize. At the minute, everyone’s at Lady Katarina’s wedding, so most people are just chatting.
Sorry, it is somewhat confusing at first, but it makes sense after a couple posts. Literally, we’ve all made a mistake at least once, even I’ve done it. XD


Oh so you can talk with other people! I though you couldn’t… I’m sorry, I’m learning.


Lady Katarina of Gryllidae
Katarina nods:
“The thieves are worse than they used to be, but the situation will probably improve once all the new houses build up their defenses.”
She smiles:
“Don’t hesitate to ask Gryllidae for aid should you require it.”

No action taken


Lady Leonora of House Pyronix
I eat quietly, not wanting to disturb the Ladies conversation. Archer pokes his food curiously. “Horse… Tell me, does Gryllidae also eat human should the situation come to it?” He jokes, at least keeping his voice low. I scowl, kicking him in the shin and he grunts.
“Can you act like an adult for one day, or is that physically beyond your ability?”
He smirks at me. “Careful, My Lady. These lovely women signed for my title just like you did. If they’re supposed to show me respect, so should you.
I huff, turning back to my meal. The food was rather dull, mostly traded in, I would assume. I turn to Lady Selene, who has been awfully quiet for a large portion of the evening.
“I hear very little from Moanne these days, Lady Selene. Your settlement is almost as old as mine, how goes it’s development?”

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Sir Vladimir Anatolyevich Gryllidae

After talking with his family, Vladimir decides to follow Katarina’s lead and talk to the other houses.

The ladies themselves being preoccupied, he decides it’s time to meet this ‘Bow–’ sorry, Archer.

“Sir Archer of Ferrenglace. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
He bows.

No action taken.


Lady Angel of House Espoir

She nods, smiling. “I and the rest of Espoir thank you.” This Katarina lady was lovely; she really did hope her marriage went well for her.

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