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Lady Leonora of House Pyronix

The sun had been on it’s late rise when our ship had finally pulled into port. The change of scene was almost a shock to me, as I watched the many people bustle about the coastal town, fishing boats in the harbour which looked grander than any of ours. The sounds of the people, the smell of the market, the clean built houses and fine pathed streets. When I finally stepped off the galleon, I felt as though I had stepped into a dream. There was no way my settlement could contend against these people. No way I could get them to ever take me seriously, but then I saw it… on one of the small market tables, where several house flags had been turned into tokens. The blue and grey flag of House Pyronix sat amidst the others, and several had indeed gone missing.
So… we were recognised. That calmed me, just a bit.

After having my things checked into fine rooms at a nearby inn, and using the moment to eat a good meal, since the journey had not offered any, and freshen up, I had my maid call for a carriage and alerted the courier that a message was to be delivered. I had indeed read it. While I was reluctant to send such a thing with my signature, I had decided to reseal the envelope with a letter of my own expressing the reason why I had seen fit to inspect it. I had also decided never to think about the contents of said letter again, and to question Lady Gryllidae on the meaning of this ridiculousness later. But for now, I had an impression to make, and greetings were in order.
I asked the courier to delay the mail for me.

“Lady Leonora! Such a pleasure to finally meet you!” Lord Bennet said as he and his family greeted me from the doors to his manor. Lady Drew clapped her hands excitedly as I stepped out of the carriage, but when she saw that I had arrived alone that excitement dwindled.
“You did not bring Sir Archer with you?”
“Someone had to stay and lead the people in my absence.” I said calmly, clasping hands with Lord Drew and offering a small bow of my head. He gestured to the three young men beside him. His sons, I was to assume, one looking rather bored, while the other two were very interested indeed. Annoyingly it was the bored one who looked more handsome than his brothers, and was the eldest no doubt. “My sons, Michael, Simon, and Harrison.”
I bowed my head respectfully, and the two younger sons - Simon and Harrison - bowed deeply and one even reached out to kiss my hand. The other looked mildly peeved that he hadn’t thought of that. I turned to Michael, and he rolled his eyes. “Father, may I return to my sparing match now?”
Lord Bennet looked tiredly at his eldest, but gave in very easily. “If you must, Michael.”
He didn’t even acknowledge me, but I decided against making a fuss. Lord Bennett gave me an apologetic smile, and gestured to the manor. “Come, we shall be holding a brilliant ball for your welcome tonight, and I trust you would first like to look around.”
I offered a polite smile. “The honor is mine. Please, lead the way.”

Sir Archer Noricavé of Ferrenglace

Archer looked around at the newly built ranch, and sighed heavily through his nose. The winds were getting colder, and he had focused on training the new guards to hopefully fend off any threats. It wouldn’t be easy, especially with how many Leonora had sent away, but he had to make sure the place didn’t suffer like they had in the past. They needed to check on food stores, make sure things didn’t rot and were well preserved. He still thought a wall would have been a better choice. But that was just his opinion.
“We counted 16 newcomers, and the farmers report that the harvest has stopped.” Annelle muttered, reeling out the same drivel she always did. Archer glanced at her.
“And? Do we have enough to feed the masses?”
She looked to the ranch. “Well… I believe we do, but perhaps not enough to store, and then very little to sell for gold. We should look into alternative methods.”
I shook my head. “Leo can focus on that when she gets back. My task is to keep people alive. Have we looked into the costs we would need to build a wall up around the settlement?”
“While we would have the guards, we would not have the money for a long time yet. We should look into some water towers. The irony of winter is that while the weather gets colder, the risk of fires gets higher. Especially fires started to cause damage, or just by careless attempts to stay warm.”
He nodded. “Towers it is then. How many people will one tower cover?”
“One tower should cover at least 250 people. We should be safe enough with one for a time, but look into a second. The more we have, the more danger will rise. How are we for guards?”
“Not nearly as much as I would like.”
“A guardhouse, then. Give them a place to properly train. And yourself, of course.”
He smirked, and folded his arms. “How long would that take?”
“Depends how grand you want it.”
Another nod. “Let’s lay down some plans for that then. Let me know if anything else gets interesting. Meanwhile, I’ve got pointless reports to handle.”
She breathed. “Welcome to my world.”

A Guardhouse begins construction. (-20 people, -5,000 gold)
22 guards trained from 11 people

11 people gained from the Medics, Clinic and Tavern
2,000 food collected || 528 food eaten || 100 baked = 1,372
1,000 food is sold for 1,040 gold (Baker’s Dozen Buff x4)
10,350 gold made in Trade Returns || Stables, 2x Tailors, Blacksmith, Tavern, 4x Bakery, Jeweler, Carpenters, Saltworks (INACTIVE for 2irl Days)

Food: 4,560
Gold: 8,761
People: 528 (0 idle)
Guards: 251


~>>Lady Selene of House Lunar<<~

She unfroze suddenly with a start. “James-” she started to say. “What- what happened?” A few seconds later, James himself burst into her hut. “Lady, it’s freezing outside! No one knows what happened, or how it suddenly changed from summer to winter. None of the farms or hunters are operational, and everyone’s in a panic. What should we do?” Selene was panicking herself, but she forced herself to put on a mask of calm to figure this out. “Well, we have a fishmonger, which is still operational, but it doesn’t produce enough food. We need another one if we’re going to survive this winter.” She took a deep breath. I can do this.
James nodded, and went to go fufil her orders, and Selene sat down again, to ponder what the heck had happened.

House Lunar starts to build a fishmonger
100 gold and 200 food collected in returns
1 person is exchanged for 2 guards
2 people are born in the medics
- 224 food
- 1500 gold

People: 222 (22)
Gold: 845
Food: 2259
Guards: 51


Lord Foster of House Dyson

Foster frowned as he looked through his clothes. He couldn’t find his favorite shirt. A knock sounded on the tent and a servant girl entered.

She shook her head. “I couldn’t find it, my lord. I’ve checked everywhere.”

Foster calmed himself before answering. " You couldn’t have checked everywhere if it is still missing. Where have we not checked? " Foster thought out loud.

"Well, we haven’t checked Miss Heather’s tent. " The girl suggested.

Foster shivered at the thought of what Heather might do to him if she found him searching her stuff. “Um…that’s a bad idea. Besides, why would Heather want my-”

A knock sounded on the tent, cutting Foster off.

“Come in.”

Another servant girl entered. “Do you have any news on my shirt?”

The girl hesitated. “We have found your shirt.”

“Where did you find it?”

" In Miss Heather’s tent, my lord. "

Foster frowned. Why would Heather want his shirt? He sighed. “Please have it washed then.”

Both of the servants dismissed themselves. Why would Heather want my shirt?

No Action Taken

Net change in food: +230
Net change in gold:+180
Net change in people: 0

Total citizens: 41
Available citizens: 2
Food: 639
Gold: 440
Guards: 12


Lady Aless of House Valero

Aless looked over the paperwork again before handing it to Noel. Noel had been helping her more often since Hunter started to practice with his sword. Noel looked over the papers.

“I think we should upgrade our budget.”

Aless paused. “You think so?”

Noel nodded and Aless thought for a moment. “Why would you suggest that?”

Noel spread the papers on the table. He circled a few things. “As you know, we have 4 farms and 3 groups of hunters.”

Aless nodded for him to continue.

“If we want to have more income, we should add a Fishmongers.”

Aless smiled as she started to write everything down. “That is an excellent idea, Noel.” Aless then moved to grab her cloak. “All I need to do now is ask George if it will work.” Aless about to leave when she remembered that Noel was still there.

“Would you like to have lunch with me?” She asked him.

Noel looked over at her in confusion.

“I would like to ask you more questions about the fishmongers.”

Noel nodded and Aless left the tent to find George.

No action taken

Net change in food: +260
Net change in gold: +60
Net change in people: 0

Total citizens: 57
Available citizens: 17
Food: 862
Gold: 230
Guards: 10


~>>Lady Selene of House Lunar<<~

Wrapped in two layers of cloaks, Selene ventured forth into the crisp winter air, to check on her people. She spoke to a fisherman to check if fishing was going well, and gave one of her cloaks to a freezing child, who looked up a her with adoring eyes, then dashed off to show her friends.
Selene spun around. “How many times have I told you to stop doing that.”
James chuckled. "Probably a least every day since we arrived in this land.
“Anyways, I’ve the scouts have come back with reports of no new peoples.”
“Good. We already have enough competition on Kadin without any more people.”
James turned to go, then paused, as if he had something more to say.
“Nothing, My Lady.” He hurried off.

100g and 200 food collected in returns
2 children are born
- 224 food

People: 224 (24 idle)
Gold: 945
Food: 2035
Guards: 51


Lady Katarina of Gryllidae

“Look at these papers, Cassius.”

Cassius picked up the plans that were on Katarina’s desk. “What is this?” he asked as he opened them up. “Isn’t this the guardhouse, milady?”

“That’s right. We’ll be beginning construction on a second. There are a few changes here and there, but it is mostly the same as the first.” Katarina leaned over the plans and pointed to a spot. “This here could serve as an officers quarters until something better is established.”

“I see. Pardon me, but are we going to war?”

“No, why?” She stared at him as if he was a ridiculous fool for even suggesting such a thing. “This is just to build up our defenses until a wall can be built.”

Sell 5000 food for 5000 gold.
Begin construction on a second guardhouse for 5000 gold and twenty citizens.
Recruit 5 guards.
7 children are born, and 1 immigrant arrives.
Gryllidae wants another child.

Net change in food: -3207
Net change in gold: +375
Net change in available citizens: -12

Total citizens: 407
Available citizens: 1
Food: 1482
Gold: 855
Guards: 267


Lady Aless of House Valero

Aless jotted down some notes on what George was saying. She and George had been working non-stop the entire day on their plans for a fishmongers. Who knew that it would be so much work? Aless stretched her arms.

“I think we deserve a break.”

“That is a splendid idea, Milady. Shall I send for lunch?”

Aless nodded. “Please do. I just can’t wait for all of this to be finished.”

George chuckled. “As do I, my lady.” George then left the tent.

I hope we finish soon.

House Valero exchanges 800 food for 800 gold

Net change in food: +260
Net change in gold: +860
Net change in people: 0

Total citizens: 57
Available citizens: 17
Food: 265
Gold: 1090
Guards: 10


Lord Brennan of House Paine

I watched as 9 new settlers entered. Where they have come from, no one knows. I glanced over at Fae who had kept quiet the entire time.
“Are you sure that we should let them in?” I asked breaking the silence.
“Of course you should, Bren. They probably had no where else to go.”
" I know that. " I eyed a very suspicious look person who wore a black cloak. “But what if their spies from other houses? Or thieves?”
Fae cast a questioning look in my direction. “Why in the world would you think that?”
" Anything is possible. "
After a long silence, I ask, “Well, what should we do with them.”
Fae sighed and muttered something about being hopeless before answering. “Let their be. I’m sure they’ll find some work to do around here.”
I nodded, “Indeed.”

No action taken

Net change in food:+80
Net change in people:+9
Net change in gold:0

Total citizens:29
Idle Citizens:9


~>>Lady Selene of House Lunar<<~

Selene was once again back in her house, though calling it a house was generous. She really needed to start building a manor sometime, when winter was over. She sighed. So much work to do, and so little time to do it. But at least the second fishmongers was almost built, so her people could have more food. They wouldn’t starve this winter.

100 gold and 200 food are gained in returns
2 people are born in medics
- 228 food

People: 228 (28 idle)
Gold: 1045
Food: 2007
Guards: 51


Lady Aless of House Valero

Aless felt someone shaking her awake. She lifted her head from the desk. Had she fallen asleep? Aless rubbed her eyes and saw a worried George.

Aless yawned.“I’m sorry I fell asleep.”

George gave a small smile.“There is nothing to apologize for.” He gave her the rest of the paperwork. “Hunter came by a while ago, took all the paperwork concerning the fishmongers with him.”

Aless stood up from her seat. “He did?”

George nodded and stroked his beard. “I wonder what he did with it”

“How long was I asleep?” Aless asked as she and George left the tent.

“Hmm…about half an hour. I did send for lunch but you fell asleep so I ate it all.” George gave a throaty laugh. “Oh, and sorry about that.”

Aless shook her head.“That’s alright . I probably wasn’t going to…”

Aless trailed off when she spotted Noel and Hunter arguing near a group of builders. Aless waved as they came closer, but Noel and Hunter didn’t notice.

“And no matter what, we can’t tell Aless.” Hunter said while looking at the workers.

“Don’t tell me what?” Aless asked surprising them all.

Hunter answered almost immediately. " Nothing at all. How was your rest? "

“It was fine.” Aless narrowed her eyes . “Now what is it that your not telling me.”

“We’re building a fishmongers, my lady.” Answered one off the builders .

Hunter sighed. “It was supposed to be a surprise.” He said while glaring at the builder who answered.

“Thanks for doing this, Hunter. Even if your surprise is ruined.” Aless smiled .

Hunter gave a half-smile. "Thanks, but it wasn’t my idea. It was Noel’s. He’s the one who came up with the idea. I just acted it out. "

Aless grinned. “Thanks both of you.”

Hunter had already gone back to talking to the builders and hadn’t heard her. "

“Your welcome.” Noel said as he turned and left.

House Valero exchanges 350 food for 350 gold and builds 1 fishmongers. House Valero also exchanges 2 people for 4 guards.

Net change in food: - 90
Net change in gold: - 1,090
Net change in people: -17

Total citizens: 55
Available citizens: 0
Food: 220
Gold: 0
Guards: 14


Lady Katarina of Gryllidae

Statistics. :sunglasses:

7 children are born and 1 immigrant arrives.
Recruit 5 guards.
Gryllidae wishes for another child.

Net change in food: +1745
Net change in gold: +375
Net change in available citizens: +8

Total citizens: 415
Available citizens: 9
Food: 3227
Gold: 1230
Guards: 272


Lord Foster of House Dyson

Foster looked through his finances to see what they could do. He sighed, they needed more workers. Foster didn’t look up when Heather entered his tent.

“I’ve never seen you look serious.” Heather said as she looked over his work.

If Foster wasn’t so focused he would have made a snappy reply. Instead he sighed, " I’m always serious, Heather. "

Heather poked him with her finger. Foster ignored her and continued his work. He finished with the paper and handed it to Heather.

“Make sure everything on this paper gets done.”

Heather nodded and left the tent. Foster leaned back in his chair and sighed. I think I’m going to get a headache.

House Dyson exchanges 380 food for 380 gold and exchanges 1,000 gold for 10 workers

Net change in food: +230
Net change in gold:+180
Net change in people: +10

Total citizens: 51
Available citizens: 12
Food: 448
Gold: 0
Guards: 12


~>>Lady Selene of House Lunar<<~

The fishmonger was finally completed, so now Selene would rest easier, know her people would have enough food to survive this winter. She could sell extra food for gold, and maybe even build another fishmonger, or another building. This was going great. She could do this. At least that’s what she kept telling herself.

400 food and 100 gold gained in returns
2 people are born in medics
100 food is exported and 100 gold is gained in return
- 230 food

People: 230 (30 idle)
Gold: 1245
Food: 2077
Guards: 51


Lady Aless of House Valero

Aless grinned as she watched the fishermen fishing. It reminded her of home.

“I’ve never seen you look this happy before.”

Aless turned to see Noel standing next to her.

“That’s because I’ll finally be able to eat fish again. I love fish.” Aless had been waiting for the fishermen to catch something .

“If you like it so much, why don’t you go fishing?”

Aless thought for a moment. “That is a great idea. Tomorrow, you and I will go fishing!”

Aless didn’t realize that she hadn’t asked him first.

No Action Taken

Net change in food: +460
Net change in gold: +60
Net change in people: 0

Total citizens: 55
Available citizens: 0
Food: 625
Gold: 60
Guards: 14


Lord Brennan of House Paine

I frowned as Fae walked away with plans to hire a group of hunters. As a nomad, I’m not allowed to eat meat. But apparently that won’t stop others from eating it. I suddenly felt someone’s stare. I turned around, but no one was there. As I walked back to my tent, I had a feeling that I was being watched.

House Paine builds a hunters

Net change in food:+80
Net change in people:-3
Net change in gold:-100

Total citizens:29
Idle Citizens:6


Lady Aless of House Valero

Aless waited patiently. She and Noel had been waiting for fish but hadn’t caught any.

Aless frowned. “Where are all the fish?”

Noel looked up from his book. Ever since she had taught him how to read he had been using his free time reading.

“It takes time, fishing is a slow process.”

Aless rose an eyebrow. He hadn’t even been paying attention to his rod. She sighed and sat back down in the boat.

“I guess fishing is not for me.”

Aless felt a tug on her rod. “Hey, Noel I think I have a-”

Aless felt another tug, it was stronger than the first one. “Is it time to-”

A very strong tug on the rope made Aless trip and fall into the water. Aless swam to the surface. Noel helped her back into the boat.

Aless shivered. “I’m never going fishing again.”

Exchange 1,000 food for 1,000 gold
Exchange 1,000 gold for 10 workers

Net change in food: +460
Net change in gold: +60
Net change in people: +10

Total citizens: 65
Available citizens: 10
Food: 30
Gold: 120
Guards: 14


Lord Foster of House Dyson

“You need to take a break, Heather.” Foster said as he strolled through the camp. He didn’t know why Heather was following him. Probably to do more work.

“I take too many breaks.” Heather trailed behind him.

Foster rolled his eyes. “Not that type of break.” He turned to face Heather. “The kind of break where you take a trip to another country.”

Heather shot him a confused look. “Why in the world would I take one those?”

" You deserve it, Heather. "

Heather rose an eyebrow. “Why are you suddenly concerned about what I deserve?”

" I’m always concerned. "

Heather thought for a moment. “If I left, you wouldn’t get any work done. So I won’t be leaving.”

Foster sighed. “At least I tried.”

No Action Taken

Net change in food: +230
Net change in gold:+180
Net change in people: 0

Total citizens: 51
Available citizens: 12
Food: 627
Gold: 180
Guards: 12


Lady Aless of House Valero

“Morning sickness?” Aless asked Cleo. She and Cleo had just finished visiting Cleo’s daughter, Miranda.

Cleo nodded. “It’s a shame that no one can help take care of her.”

" But you’ve looked after her for days. "

Cleo shook her head. “She needs someone who can permanently take care of her.”

“You mean a husband.” Aless clarified.

Cleo sighed in reply. “Yes, a husband.”

Aless didn’t know many of the people that lived in the camp personally. The only people she knew were Noel and Hunter. Aless’s chest tighted at the thought of Noel marrying someone, though she didn’t know why.

Aless smiled. “I think I have the perfect people for her to meet.” They started to walk to the barracks.

Cleo raised an eyebrow. “Who?”

" Hunter and Noel. "

Aless spotted them talking near the barracks and started to wave.

“But I thought that you wanted him to yourself.”

Aless stopped waving and looked back at Cleo. “I wanted who for myself?”

Cleo stared at Aless and was about to answer when Noel and Hunter approached them.

Hunter grinned. “You just missed the grand show, Aless.”

Aless rose an eyebrow as he continued. “I beat Noel in a duel!”

Aless gave him a disbelieving look. Hunter frowned. “It’s true.”

Aless was about to answer when they heard someone approaching them from behind. They turned and saw Miranda walking towards.

“Mother, you left your…” Miranda trailed off as she noticed the rest of them. Her eyes stayed on Hunter longer than anyone else.

Cleo cleared her throat and Miranda snapped out of her daze. “Oh, yes. It’s nice to see you again, milady.” She gave a quick curtsey .

“You said that you had something for me.” Cleo said.

Miranda smiled. “I’ve left it at my tent. Shall we get it?”

Cleo nodded and they both left. Hunter’s gaze followed Miranda. “Who’s that?”

Aless answered. "She’s Cleo’s daughter, Miranda. "

Hunter blinked. “Really, that’s interesting. What do you think about her, Noel.”

Noel looked disinterested. “I have no opinion.”

Aless felt relieved by his answer.

No Action Taken

Net change in food: +460
Net change in gold: +60
Net change in people: 0

Total citizens: 65
Available citizens: 10
Food: 425
Gold: 180
Guards: 14


Lord Brennan of House Paine

I exited my tent and noticed someone in a black cloak hiding behind a tent. So that’s the person who’s been following me.
I looked in their direction. “You can come out now. I can see you.”
I heard a faint sigh as the person came from behind the tent .
“Who are you and why have you been following me?”
The person bowed and removed their hood . “I am Rhiannon, sire. And I have been following you to see if you’re a responsible leader.”
This woman was very blunt. She had long wavy black hair and dark blue eyes. I’ve never seen her before.
Before I could say anything she bowed again. “And now I take my leave. Have a nice day, sire.” And with that she vanished .

No Action Taken

Net change in food:+80
Net change in people:0
Net change in gold:0

Total citizens:29
Idle Citizens:6


~>>James of Moanne<<~

James was looking over maps of Anatolia and Kadin when Selene entered. “What are you doing?” She asked. James looked up to respond. “I’m thinking that maybe we should think about somehow sending scouts to Anatolia, see if there is anybody over there. That was where we were originally heading, after all. Who knows, there may be some…” James trailed off, not really wanting to mention the next part.
“Some what?”
He sighed. “Some eligible lord for you to marry.”
Selena’s eyes widened. “Oh.”
“I’m not saying you need to think about marriage yet,” James hastily put in. “Just that we need to think about making more alliances.”
Selene’s eyes narrowed. “Uh huh. I see. Well, I’ll be off then. I need to check on my people.”
As soon as she had left James face palmed. What was I thinking?

House Lunar receives 100 gold and 400 food in returns.
100 food is exported and 100 gold is gained.
2 people are born in medics

-232 food

People: 232 (32)
Gold: 1445
Food: 2145
Guards: 51