Kingdoms United


Kingdom Untied
All the Princess of the Land are requested to come serve the Dark Lord will any of them return to thier kingdoms.

  1. Princess - of Gainsbourgh
  2. Princess - of Jaques
  3. Princess - of Lotheric
  4. Princess - of Tedale
  5. Princess - of Ezclesia
  6. Princess - of Desmore
  7. Princess - of McDowel
  8. Princess - of Titan
Evil People
  1. Evil Lord -
  2. Evil Lords Son-
  3. Evil Lords Daughter-
  4. Guard -
  5. Guard -
  6. Guard -
  7. Guard -
Maids, Butlers
  1. Maid -
  2. Maid -
  3. Maid-
  4. Butler-
  5. Butler-
Advisor and Citzen
  1. Advisor-
  2. Citzen 1 -
  3. Citzen 2 -
  4. Citzen 3-
  5. Citzen 4 -

Write the name of your chacter in -
And chose personality
Kind Heart
Delicate (Easily hurt)

Princess Mary of Gainsbough
Princess Mary got in the carriage getting ready to leave.


Hi @AtlasFlameAi, and welcome to our dear RP community!

It’s always good to see new members in the community, and I am happy to see you are willing to share your ideas to make an RP in the forums. However, I have also noticed this RP is different to the usual format of RPing we usually have around here.

Here is a guide of the basics of RPing in the community, it was written by many members so it should help you get an idea of how the whole community works.

Before beginning an RP, we tend to post our ideas in the New Ideas Thread, there you can gauge the interest of RPers and see what they thing about your idea. That way you don’t waste time by working on a RP that not many people want to join. You can also use the thread to rework your ideas or take them to the 1x1/Small Group RP thread. It saves us time and keeps the section cleaner.

When starting an RP, we recommend setting up a detailed plot and a setting. That way you can have a more unique and interesting RP, and it helps it flow better and gives it a sense of structure. It also helps so people don’t take over your plot, which is usually very annoying and frowned upon in the community. You can look at some of our currently existing RP threads for examples of these.

We also recommend doing sign up forms for characters (an example of which is in the How to RP/SG Guide) since it helps people establish their character before the RP starts and keep in character.

If you have any question or need help with anything, you can always reach me or other oldies (I would recommend the mentor team since they are all very skilled). I hope you enjoy your stay at the community.

Cam Boulder


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