Kisredju |RP| Offical Sign Up Thread


Kisredju is the world that all the egyptians live in. The year is currently 1700 B.C. and you now have the chance to live as royalty, as an assasin, as a commoner, as a guard, or as a slave. The land of Kisredju consists of three of the largest royal families in history, The Azutasha family, The Chourrepan family, and the largest of all the Norrepis family.

Each family has there own unique and rich history and customs. You may make up to two characters max.

Azutasha Empire
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League of Assasins


Chourrepan Dynasty
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Norrepis Kingdom
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Okay, last one I promise

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@Chocolate_Mama hi I noticed I made a mistake in the form and forgot to put submit form after the Eldest Daughter so it made you go onto the queen. If you don’t want to be both the Eldest Daughter and Queen just tell me and I’ll fix it :slight_smile:


:joy: okay that’s why I was confused yeah I just wanted an older daughter.


Sorry for the confusion. My bad.


It’s a okay.


Awesome idea! Signed up!


Yay :slight_smile: Thank you so much for signing up.


Submitted :blush:


I am half way through filling in the form but I am having difficulty with the face claim. I am the middle daughter aged 14. Any suggestions on the fc?


Anastasia Bezrukova or Kristina Pimenova. Maybe even Nataniele Ribeiro (she may not look like 14)


Thanks. That helps :smile:


Anytime :slight_smile:




Submitted!!! :star_struck:


what is still available


Everything but assassin and the Middle Daughter and Oldest daughter for the Azutasha empire I forgot to fix that.


ok thanks


Can I reserve youngest daughter?