Kiss and zooming help please!

so I want to make my two characters kiss and press p against the wall and the zoom follow them.
It seemed to work…but even though I am using the loop kissing animations…it keeps stopping and they both face forward and stop. I have tried doing it loads of ways but i cant seem to make it work. I also can’t seem to make the screen shake too. Can someone help me/change my script please??

    SHARNA (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
How would you know.

@DAMON starts think
@pause for a beat

&DAMON starts rear AND DAMON faces left
&SHARNA spot 0.798 131 262 in zone 3 AND SHARNA starts startled_surprised AND SHARNA faces left
&zoom on 741 375 to 295% in 0.5
&SHARNA walks to spot 0.909 283 252 in 0.5 AND SHARNA does it while startled_surprised AND SHARNA faces left
&DAMON walks to spot 0.909 227 251 in 0.5 AND DAMON does it while rear AND DAMON faces left
&zoom on 891 568 to 154% in 0.5
@DAMON spot 0.909 227 251 AND DAMON faces left AND DAMON starts kiss_passionate_loop_rear
&SHARNA spot 0.909 283 252 AND SHARNA faces left AND SHARNA starts kiss_passionate_loop
@zoom on 946 450 to 302% in 0.5

@SHARNA starts kiss_passionate_loop AND DAMON starts kiss_passionate_loop_rear

(No way)

When they start to face forward? When walking?

they both face the screen in idle animation instead of sticking to the kissing loop animations x

Wait, what style is this?


I’m going to test it and see what’s wrong

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thank you so much xx

You put Mei in zone 3 but after you make them walk to zone 1 really fast and didn’t pan and zoom on them.
I can see them kiss tho

Try putting the kissing animation by the character name when she thinks

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I will play around with it, thank you x
I may beg for help again if it still doesn’t work haha!
Thank you so much x

Idk why but the characters just disappear when I view it :thinking:

probably because you forgot to cut to zone 3, I forgot to do that too :sweat_smile:

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Which background are you using?

I hope you don’t mind I changed some things :sweat_smile:

@cut to zone 3
&zoom on 946 450 to 102% in 0
&DAMON spot 1.379 89 2 in zone 3 and DAMON faces right and DAMON is arms_crossed
@DAMON moves to layer 2
&SHARNA spot 1.280 238 -2 in zone 3 and SHARNA faces left
@SHARNA moves to layer 1

    SHARNA (talk_arms_crossed_angry)
And how would you know?

@DAMON starts think
@pause for 2

@DAMON spot 1.388 159 -52 in zone 3 and DAMON is kiss_passionate_loop_rear and SHARNA starts kiss_passionate_loop and DAMON faces left

@zoom on 960 481 to 183% in 0
@zoom on 828 353 to 183% in 0.2
@zoom on 960 481 to 183% in 0.2
@zoom on 828 353 to 183% in 0.2
@zoom on 960 481 to 183% in 0.2
@zoom on 905 435 to 183% in 0.4


it doesnt seem to show them moving across the screen x

do you mean walking?

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its fine x
I have somehow fixed it…no clue how i did hahaaha just moved things around but it now works haha x
Thank you both xx

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you’re welcome :heart: :heart:

do either of you have insta?
if you have stories, im happy to do a read for a read and share it on insta so you can possibly get some more readers :slight_smile:

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