Kiss, Kill, Marry **GAME**

I don’t know if this game was already created…

Kiss, Kill, Marry

Hello! And welcome to Kiss, Kill, Marry. One person says three people (celebrities, etc…) and the next person has to choose one to kiss, one to kill and one to marry.


@episodeuser101: Brad Pitt, Lele Pons and Jake Paul
@episodeuser223: Kill Jake Paul, kiss Lele Pons and Marry Brad Pitt.
Beyoncé, Logan Paul and Tessa Brooks

End of example

Hope y’all enjoy! I’ll start…

Tom Cruise, Cardi B, XXTentacion (rip I miss him)


yasssssssssssssss I was waiting for someone to make this lol

xxtentacion kiss
tom cruise marry
cardi b kill

Taylor Swift, Gerard way, lucy hale

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gerard way marry
lucy hale kiss
taylor swift kill

angelina jolie, nick jonas, nick robinson

Kiss Nick Robinson
Marry Nick Jonas
Kill Angelina Jolie (I love you Angelina sprryyy)

Kiss: xxxtentaction
Marry: cardi b
Kill:tom cruise

All right, I guess I’ll start a new one lol:
Marilyn Manson, Chris Motionless (of band MIW), Nicholas Matthews (of band Get Scared)

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kill chris motionless, kiss marilyn manson and marry nicholas matthews

taylor swift, katy perry, zach effron

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Kiss - Katy Perry
Kill - Tay Tay
Marry - Zach Effron

Oli Sykes (BMTH), Frank Iero (MCR), Brendan Urie (Panic)

Kiss - Oli Skyes
Kill - Brendan Urie
Marry - Frank Lero

Simon Cowell (Judge on X Factor), Kim Kardashian (Famous Women), Megan Markle (Duchess Of Sussex).

Kiss - Simon Cowell
Kill - Kim Kardashian
Marry - Meghan Markle

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman

Kill Batman
Kiss Superman
Marry Wonder Woman
Spike (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Bellatrix Lestrange (from Harry Potter), Darth Vader (from Star Wars)

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Kiss Vader
Kill Bellatrix
Marry Spike BUT I don’t want to be bitten

Jessica Alba, Matthew Bomer and Vin Diesel

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Spike is :fire:
I prefer him with Buffy but my sis likes Angel more lol
Kiss=Jessica Alba
Marry=Vin Diesel
Kill=Matthew Bomer

Tom Holland, Michael B. Jordan, The Weeknd



Nah Spike is hotter than chili pepper. <3


Kiss Tom :kissing_heart:
Kill The Weeknd
Marry my husband

Gal Gadot, Adam Levine, Pete Wentz

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Kiss Gal Gadote
Kill Adam Levine
Marry Pete (My precious baby)

Brendon Urie, Emmy Rossum, Emeraude Toubia

Literally everyone in this list is a precious baby of mine

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Kiss Emmy
Kill Brendon
MARRY Emeraude :heart_eyes:

Robert Pattinson, Kirsten Stewart, Taylor Lautner.

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(I mean, Brendon is already death and everyone would like to marry Isabelle Lightwood, lol)

Marry Robert Pattinson
Kiss Taylor Launter
Kill Kristen Stewart

Dove Cameron, Kate Winslet, Steph Curry

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Kiss - Dove Cameron
Kill - Steph Curry
Marry - Kate Winslet

Emily, Michelle, Hunter.

Who are Emily, Michelle and Hunter? :thinking:

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