Kiss, Kill, Marry


The title says it all!

You name three people and the next person tells which one he kisses, kills and marries!

They can be celebrities, forumers, episode characters, anyone!

For example:
PersonA: Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth

PersonB: Kill Justin, Kiss Shawn, Marry Charlie.
Spiderman, Superman, Batman

I hope you get it!

I’ll start off:
Christopher Shaw (The Shaw Brothers), Landon Wilder (The New Girl), Kendall Parkerns (COMPLICATED)


Kiss- Christopher Shaw
Kill- Landon Wilder
Marry- Kendall Parkerns
Chocolate, vanilla, caramel


Kiss vanilla, marry chocolate, kill caramel.

Chase (Fall For Me) , Lincoln (Maid For You) , Riven (Apartment 143)

@Chocolate_Mama says hi


Kiss Riven, marry Lincoln, kill Chase

Spiderman, Ironman, Batman


Marry Batman
Kiss Spider-Man
Kill Ironman
Maluma , Justin Bieber , Ethan Dolan


Kiss Ethan, Marry Justin, Kill maluma (idk who it is lol)

Tom (Tom and Jerry), Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse :joy:

@Chocolate_Mama says hi


Kiss bugs bunny marry Mickie mouse kill tom
Your teacher Taylor Swift your best friend


That is so weird, I can’t imagine marrying or kissing either :joy:

Marry Taylor, Kiss my best friend, kill my teacher (sorry I’m not kissing you :joy:)

Me, the person above me, @Chocolate_Mama

^she says hi


I don’t mean to flirt… lol.
Kiss @Chocolate_Mama lmao :joy: Kill uh, @Sania? and marry @k.w.episode aka kaydoubleu
I said I’d marry kay on wyr thread too lmao
OK lemme make this hard xD
Ryan, Liz & Jeremy

Evil laugh


This got awkward lol :sweat_smile:

Kiss Ryan, Marry Jeremy, Kill Liz (I’m so sorry I had to kill one :joy: and since I’m straight I decided to kill the female :thinking:) this is totally random lol

Kristoff, Swen :joy:, Olaf (Frozen)

@Chocolate_Mama says hi
@SilverStar loves art


Poor Liz xD kaydoubleu how could u!


Kill Kristoff idkwhyihatehim, Kiss Swen, Marry Olaf :joy: lmao
Your school headmaster, your best friend, your cousin


Lol marry olaf

Kill my headmaster, marry my best friend, kiss my cousin. (ew ew every single thing is ew)

A gang leader, a teacher, your sister’s boyfriend/girlfriend :joy: (if you don’t have a sister, pretend you do)

@Chocolate_Mama says hi
@SilverStar loves art


Marry a gangleader, kiss my sister’s boyfriend and kill my teacher xD
Now I’m mix of a cliche gang story and Pretty Little Liars lol

Kim Kardashian, Lukas Graham, Kylie Jenner

I love episode


Kiss Kim, Marry Kylie, Kill Lukas (idk who he is lol)

Mason Shaw, Austin (April’s brother), Riot (The Shaw Brothers)

@Chocolate_Mama says hi
@SilverStar loves art


Kiss Austin, marry Mason, even though I love Christopher… :smirk:, kill Riot.
Landon, Hunter, Riley (The new girl)


Kiss Hunter, Marry Landon, Kill Riley :joy:

Rose, Derek, The King. (Adrenaline)

@Chocolate_Mama says hi THIS DARE END TOMORROW??
@SilverStar loves art


Who is Riley again


Jade’s ex
@Chocolate_Mama says hi
@SilverStar loves art