Kiss, Kill, Marry


and is also the option but okay :+1:
Kiss Nick , Marry August and Kill eric sorry bae :sob:

Valentines , christmas and august


Kiss Christmas, Marry Valentines, Kill August… :thinking: (can I kill em all? :joy:)

Cedric (Playing for Keeps), Killian (Bad Royals), Cole (Deep Attraction 3)


Marry Cole
Kiss Killian
Kill Cedric

Kiss marry kill: Me (@Stxphanix) , Justin Beiber, Myles Stephenson


Kiss Myles Stephenson, Marry Stxphanix, Kill Justin Bieber

Deadpool, Spider-Gwen, Magneto


Kiss Magneto, Marry Spider-Gwen, Kill Deadpool

Harry Potter, Twilight, the Lord of the Rings


Kiss Harry Potter, Marry The Lord of the Rings, Kill Twilight

Elastigirl, Frozone, Mr. Incredible


Kiss= Frozone
Kill=Mr. Incredible

Thanos, Voldemort, Ultron