Kissing in limelight?

Scene : Elevator
Guy : Nick , he’s standing left
Girl : Hellen , she’s standing on the right

Could you please write the code out to me? Btw the girl could come to the guy since he say “C’mere.” but you could position them in the middle .

It would be more useful for you to go to YouTube and watch some episode writing tutorials from Joseph Evans. Just write down Kissing scene tutorial, it will probably come out… At least you would learn this way and wouldn’t have to struggle in other scenes.

Yes but he didn’t make one for limelight . He made a kissing video for ink and classis but I can’t find the codes for Limelight anywhere but here

You can see template below in description

And if you know how to write in INK, then you shouldn’t have problems with Limelight as the coding is not that much different. Mostly the same. So INK tutorials are fine for it. You can figure out stuff you have to change eventually.

I want a replacement for kiss passionate if you know one

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Is this?


If you still need, here the script



@ HELLEN spot 1.25 205 0 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND HELLEN faces left
&HELLEN is kiss_makeout_loop

@ NICK spot 1.3 117 0 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND NICK faces left
&NICK is kiss_passionate_loop_rear


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