Kissing scene help



HI can somebody help me with the kissing scene at least a small script model i have a scene to edit in one of my episodes and this “kiss passionate rear” rear in general gives me trouble is possible also somebody to create an cover i love art scenes


Ill help


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


whats the charaters names


sorry for my terrible spelling


No dont worry i dont care about spelling i am not that critism person write how you want and my characters name is Rosey and zane i send you them details ?




Ok so first is zane
Skin color:Light
Hair: black : croped
Eyes: stoic : almond blue
Face shape:athlethic
Nose: buttom
Lips: small round
Eyebrows: teen arch
Hair: short croped hair

Hair: Black beach wave
SKIN: light
Eyes: upturned bold blue
Eyesbrows: seductive arch
Nose: refined
Lips: classic
Face shape: soft heart


Do you still need help with directing for the kissing?


Check out this tutorial by Joseph Evans (he has many tutorials and directing tips) on Youtube:

It may help :wink:


No actually somebody was send me a link with jospeh evans and i will watch thank you


Thank you for help