Kit Kat Official Art Shop 🍫

Hey everyone! @Forever1201 here :heart:

It has been a year (maybe 2?) since i’ve been in episode forums and I wanted to come back because I feel like doing covers, splashes, etc… for you guys :blush:. Keep in mind though that I still may be on or off but I will try to get to your request as soon as I can and finish it. (On Sundays is when I can’t most of the time but I will try my best to.)

Now without a further ado…Here is the Intro! :heart:

Welcome to my art shop! I can make:

  • Covers
  • Splashes
  • Character Details
  • Banners

Keep in mind that I can’t draw which means these are going to be edited ONLY.

Before you make a request, here are the rules:

-No drama

-Please be patient I will work your request as fast as I can but it does take a little time

-The maximum amount of redo u can ask is 3

-Please send your character details And the screenshot with the position you want your character to be in (A screenshot of your character doing the action you want it to have is recommended! but you don’t have to)

-Please credit me by @Forever1201

-Do not request if ur not gonna use it

Please do not request in another thread the same request because some threads don’t like that and I don’t like that people just want to request for nothing

Those are all the rules!

Here is the examples…



Character Details

Examples coming soon!


That’s is all the examples I have so far! :heart:

Here is a form you need to fill so it can be more organized:

Cover form:
-Title of the story
-What background do u want?
-What characters do u want? (Screenshot and character details)
-What pose do u want your characters in? (Screenshot)
-Do u want your characters to have a little of contour?
-What font and color do u want your title to be? (Optional)

Splash form:
-What type of splash do u want? (Sound, mature theme, follow me etc…)
-What characters do u want in your splash? (Screenshot and character details)
-What pose do u want them in? (Screenshot)
-What background do u want?
Want font and color do u want the splash text to be? (Optional)
-Do u want your characters to have a little contour?

Banner form:
-What background do u want?
-What characters do you want it to have? (Screenshot or/and character details)
-Do u want the whole character showing or just half?
-What font and color do u want it to have?
-Do u want your character to have a little contour?

Character Details form:
-The name (optional) of the character
-The details of the character (Or a screenshot)
-What background do you want your details to be in?

That’s all I have right now! Thank you for looking over my thread and I will get through your requests as soon as I can! :two_hearts:

~ Kit Kat :purple_heart::heart_eyes:


Hello there, I was wondering are you gonna hire any artists?

I haven’t consider that but since I will be out tomorrow most of the day, I do might need another artist to help me with my edit art shop so that person can make the art while im out

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Hi! Do you do Limelight? Just curious.

Hey yes she does it shows it in her examples I think you might have missed it

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Oh okay, I see it now! Thank you

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Np at all

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