Kit Kat’s Official Art Request Thread ❤️(Covers, Splashes, Banners, Overlays and some Background edits) [Open]

Your welcome :blush:

Thank you so much I love it!

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Your welcome come back anytime :blush:

Hey, I requested a cover back in the middle of November and I was wondering if my request was accepted or was it done by someone else in the thread? I posted it in a different thread so I was unsure of who exactly was taking my request.

Gemini :heart:

Do u remember which thread was it

And my original thread was:

Oh…ok hang on…

No worries :smile:

U can request again here :blush:

Oh Okay!
The details for the girl are:

  • Hair Dark Black Over Shoulder Braid
  • Eyebrow Arched Thin Black
  • Face Shape Heart Soft
  • Eyes Female Generic Ice Blue
  • Nose Round Button
  • Lips Full Heart Pouty Peach Gloss
  • Skin Color Neutral 01


Screenshot (5).png301x646 116 KB

The Guy’s Details are:

  • Skin Color Copper 03
  • Eyes Male Generic HAZEL
  • Nose Straight Pointed
  • Face Shape Male Generic
  • Lips Medium Straight Natural Neutral Medium Nude Gloss
  • Hair Medium Taper Wavy Black Dark
  • Eyebrows Straight Medium

Screenshot (3).png297x630 115 KB

And the poses:




Your request is complete :blush::


Feel free to tell me if u want anything changed :blush:

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Yass Queen I love it like always! Thank you so much!

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Your welcome :blush:

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Hey @Forever1201 sorry for bothering you again, but could I have a large cover?

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Splash pleaseee?
I want the one with flashing lights
and sound
and mature language
i want this guy hold a gun in hes hand

I wanna dark red background (blood)
you can choose the font and color
Thanks omg (Oh and because im a newbie can you teach me how to put it in my story thanks :smiley_cat:

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Sure give me the details please :blush:

Alright I will have it for u soon and of course I could teach u :blush:

Title of the story: What Is ADHD?
Author: @TockAC
What background do you want: anything simple
What characters do you want: none
What pose do you want your characters in: none
Do you want your characters to have a little of contour: no
What font and color do you want your title to be: I want an orange ribbon with the letters having the color black.

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How long will it take?

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