Kit Kat’s Official Art Request Thread ❤️(Covers, Splashes, Banners, Overlays and some Background edits) [Open]



Hey @Forever1201,
can I get a couple of bloody overlays?


Sure :blush:




Fill the form please :blush:


Hi! Does anyone has a classroom desk with only one chair? An overlay isn’t needed!


Okay. I didn’t see the form before, sorry. :disappointed:
-What kind of overlay do u need?
I need a bloody overlay. Like it’s falling out of a wound and pooling around someone.
-What color do u want it in?
Dark red
Please, and thank you!


I love it! Can you make the “follow me on Instagram…” part a tad bit bigger and a little darker like you have the “Credits” part? If you can’t, don’t worry about it. It’s already perfection :blush::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Like this one, but with only one chair instead of two!


This is my Thread lol but I could find u one :blush:


I could edit it :blush:


Ok your should be ready soon :blush:


Lol i’m sorry! I misread, thank u still!


Hi @Forever1201 I wanted to let you know that your amazing at creating episode covers. Can you make my episode cover?



Welcome To The forums!


Just know that I am open for coding story plot art and anything else! Plus just a friend!

Love from @AlyssaStories.epi


Okay thanks for letting me know.


Can you create this story uses sound?


Sure send me the details please :blush:


Well thank u for welding someone :blush:


Okay thank you.


Give me the details please :blush: