Kit Kat’s Official Art Request Thread ❤️(Covers, Splashes, Banners, Overlays and some Background edits) [Open]



Cover Form @Forever1201
-Title of the Story
Partners in Crime
-Author (more than one)
-What background do you want?

-What pose do you want your character in?

Skin tone: Caramel
Hair : Short Cropped Hair
Hair color : Black
Eyes : Gentle Almond
Eye color : Green
Eye Brows : Thin Arch
Nose : Button
Face shape : Defined Triangle
Mouth : Uneven
Mouth color : Terracotta
Pose : flirt_wink_forward

Second Character:

Skin tone : Tan
Hair : Straight
Hair color : Black
Eyes : Upturned Bold
Eye color : Brown
Eye Brows : Seductive Arch
Nose : Soft Natural
Mouth : Full round
Mouth color : Bordeaux
Pose: primp_condescend


Outfits for both characters!

Boy Outfit:
Shirt (Navy)
**Ripped Punk Pants **
Basic Sneakers (Navy)
Hipster Glasses (Black)
Add a tattoo on his left arm Please!

Girl outfit:
**Gold Biker Jacket **
Moon Necklace
Plain Swimsuit Top (cherry red)
Dark Denim Jeans
Red Beach Day Skater shoes
Face the girl on the left Please!


Hey @Forever1201 I I know you have been busy lately but I was wondering if you could do a splash for me?


Sure it might take a little longer cuz I have requests but I could do it :blush:


helo, I need an overlay and an edit, can anyone help me?


Sorry I’m afarid I can’t do edits :sweat_smile:


oh it’s fine


Maybe some other thread can :blush:


HEY, I Was wondering if you could do me arm overlays? I would like if possible both left and right female INK arms (Tan) and both left and right male INK arms.? Thanks so much!


Alright :blush:


Can I use that background? I would give full credit!


Thanks !


Do u still want me to do your overlay?


yes please


I’d like the overlay of an arm, like a male arm with a black sleeve and a female without any sleeves


Hello ! I wanted to request an overlay, is it still possible ?:sweat_smile:


Yes of course :blush:


Thanks !
I wanted to know if you could find ( or make ) some kind of baby sling/carrier, please ?

Something that look a bit like that or anything else. I just need the character to look like he is tied together with the baby overlay. Even a wrapped blanket or a big knot is okay for me :blush:
Could you do it, please ?


Yes :blush:


Thank you !