Kit Kat’s Official Art Request Thread ❤️(Covers, Splashes, Banners, Overlays and some Background edits) [Open]



See my examples above so u can see what type I do :point_up_2:


That’s absolutly fine. Thanks for replying!
I’ll start the process of writing what I want.


Do u still want to make it?




Ok can u send me the character details please?


Skin: honey
Eyebrows: mature round
Face shape: oval
Lips: full round in raven
Eyes: upturned feline in green
Hair: beach waves in black
Nose: elven


Story title: waking up
Author: Maddie
Pose: primp
Contour: yes
Background: whatever works for you
Font: preferably something fancy or cursive
Color: any


By the way do you think you could put your name in there somewhere?


What do u mean?


Sorry I’m super new at this. I just thought you might want to put your name in the corner of the cover. So I could give you credit.


Alright sure :blush:



Your request is complete :blush::


Don’t forget to credit me by @Forever1201 and if u want anything changed then feel free to ask me :blush:


Thank you so much it’s beautiful :kissing_heart::kissing_closed_eyes::relaxed::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Your welcome if come again if u need anything else :blush:


Actually can you do another splash for me


Sure :blush:


What outfit do u want her in?


I’ll send you it


The black romper, or an outfit with a leather jacket. Anything works, thanks


What type of splash do u want?
Tip: This story uses advanced zoom so please…PLEASE tap slowly
-What characters do u want in your splash? (Screenshot and character details)
Skin tone: Mocha
Hair: Long hair curly
Hair color: Black
Eyes: upturned Feline
Eye color: Purple
Eye brows: Seductive arch
Nose: Upturned
Face shape: Soft Heart
Mouth: Full round
Mouth color: Raven
-What pose do u want them in?
Pose: The after effect of shush

-What background do u want?

Want font and color do u want the splash text to be? (Optional)
Can you make it red
-Do u want your characters to have a little contour?
Instagram: @live_n_love_stories