Kit Kat’s Official Art Request Thread ❤️(Covers, Splashes, Banners, Overlays and some Background edits) [Open]




Your request is complete😊:


If u want something changed then feel free to ask me. I hope u come back soon :blush:


Oh wow, that’s amazing! Thank you soo much!


Your welcome come back soon if u want another request :blush:


Do you think you could do the exact same thing, but with red roses as the background. And maybe black text. It looks so gorgeous thanks again.


So u want another one or do u want a redo of that one?


A redo of that one if you can. Sorry to be picky.


It’s alright don’t worry and yea I can do that :blush: I will edit it for u



Your request is complete😊:


Feel free to ask me if u want to change anything :blush:


OMG your super fast and I love it so much thank u


You a freaking life saver


Thank u :smile:


No thank you


Your welcome :blush:



Here is your redo😊:


If u want anything changed again then ask me and I’ll change something again :blush:


Wow that’s amazing! Thank you soo much!


Your welcome :blush:


Come back soon :blush:


title: Ten Past Two
author: jessrosewrites_
background: anything dark or spooky

position: girl character is read_phone_sad_loop
boy chartacter is idle_sad_timid_loop
font/colour: font something spooky, red and if you can try to make it look like blood is dripping from it
contour: yes please!

also, can the characters be standing back-to-back?


Sure :blush: I will start it today but I might finish tomorrow is that ok?


sure thing that’ll be great! thanks for the fast reply : )