Kit Kat’s Official Art Request Thread ❤️(Covers, Splashes, Banners, Overlays and some Background edits) [Open]



Your welcome :blush:


I accidentally deleted my form

cover form:
Author: AngelicIqra
Title: Unexpected murder (in dramatic font also in darkish red)
Background: A house with halloween decor

For the characters ill send the screenshots but I was wondering if you could make it look like the main character is sort of running away?

Thank you so much xx


Sure I could try that :blush:


Send the screenshots when your ready :blush:


okk ty


just put the cover here when done!


Yea I will


just wondering when will it be done?


I’m absolutely sure that it will be done by tomorrow


What poses do u want them in? :blush:


but the main character more in the front
and than the unknown like kinda in the back




Thanks :blush: I will get your cover done by tomorrow


@crazypopjess can u give me their character details please?



Your request is complete :blush::


Please credit me by @Forever1201 and if u want anything to change then feel free to tell me😊

(Hopefully that’s the right character details of your characters if not then tell me and I will change it)



Your request is complete :blush::


Don’t forget to credit me by @Forever1201 and if u want something changed then feel free to ask me :blush:


ahhhhh thats perfect tysm!!


Your welcome come back soon if u need more :blush:


Hi, I was just wondering if you could edit a image to make it an overlay?

Overlay form
-What kind of overlay do u need?


These are the images: 154013978138492947bunny

-If it’s a limb, what side of it do u want it in? N/A
-What color do u want it in? Can I have it transparent?
Every time I try to do it, it cuts off the white background AND the white of the bunny. :sweat_smile::tired_face:

It’s alright if you don’t think you can do it lol. I figured I should ask anyway. Thanks!