Kit.Kat's Pose Edit Shop {CLOSED}

I now work at The Velvet Art Shop, with some super talented people (not sure I belong there tbh :joy: but if you could go check that out that would be great :v:t3:

Hi!! Welcome to my Overlay/Pose edit store! Feel free to request overlay edits, but please note I have a few rules!

  1. You MUST give credit!! I’m working hard on these for the lovely Episode community, and I understand this is generally a given, just please make sure to credit me so I can continue to help you all!
  2. Be specific with your requests! I want to get the work done right the first time, and in order to do that it helps A LOT if you are specific!
  3. You can request other things, (Splashes, character sheets etc) but the previous two rules apply!
  4. Please be patient!! We have other things aside from Episode that we do, so we may not always be as quick as we would like, it helps a lot when you can give us time to work :smile:

I do have some examples, these are not currently overlays, as I don’t want anyone to steal my work, I just gave them a transparent background to prove that I made them as overlays!!
What @Kit_Kat.Jnr does: Overlays, position edits, outlines
What @epi.imani does: (Better) Position edits

Kit_Kat.Jnr's Examples


Epi.imani's Examples

Thanks to @epi.imani for volunteering to help out :smile:

Thanks for checking this out :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi! I really need a sofa overlay like the second one! Do you have more like that? :heart:

Not at the moment, but I’d be happy to make one! Any type of sofa you want?

I do have the second one without the watermark, and as a proper overlay if you wish :smile:

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The second one would be perfect! How should I credit you?

I’m going to PM it to you, just so nobody steals it :sad_panda: (It can happen)

Just use my Insta @Epy.Kitkat

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I’ll be a few minutes though, please be patient :heart:

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Of course! Thank you so much! :heart:

Can I have the couches? Rear and normal

Sure I’ll PM them to you right now :smile:

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Np! :smiley:

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Can I get a position edit from @epi.imani

Can I have her in this position

And her hands around her stomach in pain
Then the exact same thing but with a smirk on her face
Here are her clothes
And with the clothes (I forgot to add this) the key necklace
Thank you :blue_heart:

Ok I’ll be finished in the morning!

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Here! If you’ll like me to redo it I can!

[details="image "]
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It looks good but I need the key necklace and could I have both hands over her stomach in pain and her face in pain then the same thing but with a smirk (im so sorry) so 2 different overlays


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