Kitty's Share and Figure Out A Way To Deal With Your Insecurites Thread


Hello I am Chesirekitten101 as known as Kitty and I want to help as much as I can so I created this thread. When I was scrolling down the forum pages I saw some people had Insecurities so I decided to Create this thread and for all the banners I have were made by the Magnificent @KillerFrost and I love banners so much so I put them on this thread

Ok so This thread has many purposes

  1. To help people get over their insecurites and be completely Positive about themselves.
  2. Help the community by discusiign these things with them but we are not going to go to personal.
  3. I want to do things that will make the world a better place
  4. You can come here anytime to discuss problems.
  5. Please like the thread as it will tell me you read the post and support the thread.

Ok So The Rules Of This Thread Are Obvious
No Drama that’s an absoloute No No

Come back anytime and I mean anytime to discuss your problems
And you can get support from the people taht post on the thread.
And Together We will:

And PM me if you want more INFO about your Insecurity

Thanks so much for coming to the thread !


Good for you Tiana. You’re so precious :heart_eyes::two_hearts:


Thanks so much so are u


Tnx for crediting meh :heart:️


You shoulde’ve said Banner’s made by Le Cashew haha lol @Killerfrost





Wait what? so who’s le cashew? well wtvr
Credit for zee amaziinkk moofin


yeah well ppl dat see this! don’t think it twice kitty kitten is you’r solution.
Bootiful nutt out




I’m saying that whoevr see this ( le message ) ( le comment) dat they should not think it twice u are all ear’s to they’re insecurite’s and stuff and then i said meh outt hehe lol


This is a great thread! Good job!


Thanks So much


fixed it <3


I corrected the comment hehe lol


What? noo haha lol


Lol Ok I Gotta keep this thread on track


Anyway what abeautiful thread! good luck! i know ppl will need someone to hear them out


Great thread kitten!


This would be a perfect thread for me, if I wasn’t too insecure about my insecurities to talk about them :sweat_smile:
But I hope you can really help some people here! It’s really nice of you to offer help.


I get you but I am here if you want to talk you can also PM so dont be afraid I am here to give advice