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Ok! I may have not started on your request, because I was on a long vacation.


Hey! Your splashes are really nice, could I get one… if yes here are details-

Kind Of Splash- Sound
Writing- This Story Includes Sound Please Turn Up Your Volume
Font- A cute bad-ass font - color - black
Characters- None

In the middle of the background-

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Thanks So Much,
Love Amelia


Password: ILOV3EPISOD3
Style (Ink, Limelight or Classic?): Limelight
Title: Malice
Authors Name: Tempe17
Short Summary of your story (2 -3 sentences would be perfect): You and your 10 friends realizes there is something wrong with the school when you are the only ones around. It is very dark and quiet, strange things happen. The worst thing is you can’t get out, yet.
Genre?: Mystery
Any specific backgrounds?: A dark school, please
Any Specific fonts?: not really, anything that fits the theme
Character details (Screenshotted with pose or typed out) OPTIONAL:
Gender - Female
Skin - Copper 05
Brow- Arched Natural (Deep Brown)
Eye - Deepset downturned (Brown Dark)
Hair - Short Wavy Hair Solid (Dark Black)
Characters outfits (Allowed to do custom outfits):
A Line Neck Scoop Cotton Floral Green Tea
Draped Long Tied Scarf Cashmere Pink
Any Blue Pants
How do you want your cover to look like?
Well, I like to think of the character in cover being terrified of her surroundings.
Size? (Small cover, large cover, both): Both
Anything else you want me to add? (Glitters, sparkles etc.): Maybe shadows. I’d like it if you made the location in nighttime blue. You can add other things if you like.

Thanks in advance! I’ll surely credit you if you make it.


Password: ILOV3EPISOD3
Style: Ink
Title: When I met him
Author’s Name: Latina_Subas

Summary: You and your best are going to a party and you meet your best friends brother’s Best childhood friend. You were slowly falling for him.

Genre: Romance
Any Specific fronts: Have you any examples?

Character Detail’s:
MC (Female):

Skin - Olive
Brow - Defined Natural
Eye - Round Bold -Blue
Hair - Beach Wave Hair - Black
Face - Soft Heart
Nose - Soft Natural
Lips - Classic - Cherry Red

Character outfits:

Clothes Used

Black Dressy Crop Top

White Corset-Tied Skirt

Black Holiday Sequin Heels

Braided Red Bracelet

Character Detail’s:
Gender: Male
Skin - Olive
Brow - Straight bold
Eye - Round Piercing - Green
Hair - Short cropped Hair - Black
Face Shape - Defined Triangle
Nose - Button
Lips - Uneven - Terracotta

Outfit (Male):

Basic Sneakers (Slate Grey)

Ripped Punk Pants

VNeck Tshirt (Black)

Cool Leather Jacket

Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade)


Hi! Can anyone tell me how to insert your own photo as a cover?



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