Klyye's Official ART CONTEST

Welcome to the First Annual Official Art Contest Im your host for this evening, welcome my name is Klyye, so lets start with an introduction of the contest

What kind of contest is this?
This is a contest for all ARTISTS AND SUCH of all kind! It is to determine, the best talented artist!

Isnt this supposed to be a SG
I could make it a SG but, since its BASED OFF ART I put it in the Art Resources Section

Anywho, lets begin with ROUND 1

For you, what is Kawaii?

  • For me,kawaii is something that is cute and stuff! , make art just based of it! However, there are some rules and things that you are not allowed TO ENTER

Art that you can enter

  • Splashes
  • Covers
  • Character edits
  • Art scenes
  • Backgrounds that contains what you think is based of the theme

  • No things that involve too much BLOOD
  • Do not cause DRAMA
  • Do not steal someones ART WORK you can be original on your OWN

I will announce further things later on!

Any questions? Pm either me @Klyye or @Skyye or @Flynnopily