Knit-a-Story - Story Writing Contest hosted by Episode Knitters


The Episode Knitters are proud to present our very own “Knit-A-Story” writing contest and we welcome everyone to join!

By launching the contest, we wish to give additional motivation and inspiration to the writers in the community. Since we’re holding this contest as a group of active writers and readers (it’s not organized by Episode!), we won’t be looking at the reader retention or the number of reads. For the writers, it means that you can write a story that you want to write, without trying to make it popular/viral/replayable. Every author has an equal chance to win because the only thing we’ll be looking at is the quality of your story.

The theme of our contest is Journey.

This can be a physical or metaphorical journey. Are you traveling into space, to another country, to another world? Or is it an emotional journey through your mind or emotions? While you can explore the theme freely, your story must be completed with 3 chapters, it needs to be new and written primarily for this contest and you need to follow Episode guidelines. See the full contest requirements on our webpage.

The winning stories (1st, 2nd, and 3rd places) will be added to a special contest shelf in the Story Bookcase on our website and given a shoutout on our Instagram account. Besides that, we’ll feature the community favorite, the story with most votes from the readers. This is a way for you to influence the contest results directly!

The submissions will open on the 1st of July and will close at 23:59 (Pacific Time) on the 31st of August 2018, thus giving you about 8 weeks to write and publish your story.

For more information, see our website competition page.

We can’t wait to read your stories! If you have any questions, you can ask them here, contact us on IG @episode.knitters or contact us via our webpage.

Episode Knitters x (@amepisode, @Antika, @Anya_R, @Echo_D, @KateIsland, @Kose)

Co-writer wanted
If you want to be a maid/butler in my story, click here! INK MALES + FEMALES NEEDED :yellow_heart:

I don’t like to write a story because is a lot of work but I would be happy to help with some covers/backgrounds/overlays/splashes. :wink:


Can you have more then 3 chapters? And does the storyline need to be completed or can you continue
it after the contest?


No. It should be a finished story. It should end in Chapter 3 :slight_smile:


Okay thanks.


I would enter with the new story I’m writing but my story will be over three episodes. Why only three? Just wondering. :slight_smile:

  1. Three episodes is a reasonable number of chapters to write in two months.
  2. We’d like to read the stories for scoring them, and our time is limited.
  3. Nothing shows the mastery of a writer as well as their ability to write a good ending.
  4. We’d like to be sure that our winning stories won’t be discontinued.


Ah, I see. Thank you for explaining it. :blush:


I look forward to all the awesome stories that authors come up with!


A few authors have already announced on IG that they’re entering our contest and we’re so grateful! :heart:


I’m forcing myself to be good and finish at least one of my current stories before participating in anymore contests, but if you guys ever host another one I’ll be sure to enter that!

Good luck to everyone who enters, and good luck with judging!


oh well :smiley: as this one would have to be a complete story… well you’d have a completed story then :joy: :heart:


This makes sense. I thought of participating myself (out of the contest) because I had a good idea that came to me in my sleep :slight_smile: But I have so many ongoing stories that it’s a NO.


omg no please don’t tempt me, my will is so weak😂 I’m bad enough at justifying things I shouldn’t try to justify by myself…

@Echo_D I’m chronic at starting a bunch of stories and then never finishing them. Honestly, if there was a market for half-finished stories, I would probably be published by now…


:smiley: do what you feel is best :slight_smile: though we’d be of course happy to read your story :wink:


I’m really looking forward to reading the entries for this.
I hope this is will help inspire people to write us some great stories :heart_eyes:


This contest sounds really cool. I can’t wait to read the entries


Hey! I have a quick question; do we use the top PNG file for our big cover and make our own cover for the small one?


Hey! The pics on this post are for promotional purpose so you should make your own large and small cover pics :slight_smile:


I’m so entering. I have to comment here so that there’s physical proof I’ve said it… just in case I start to slack off :joy: