Knit-a-Story - Story Writing Contest hosted by Episode Knitters


Thank you!


and a little push up =) We’ve already got some authors showing us they want to participate and started a story :smiley: we hope more will enter though! :slight_smile:
We’re looking forward to all the great stories you can come up with :slight_smile:

If you need any help with story development, be it plots or characters, some directing help etc :slight_smile: check out our webpage :slight_smile:
We’ve got a big TIps and Advice section :slight_smile:


Thanks guys for liking and sharing this info on your Instagram accounts! This means a lot. We hope that more people will learn about the contest!


Oooh, I totally have an idea for this! Hopefully I can get it done in time :sparkling_heart:


and a gently bump up :smiley:


Are we allowed to write sequels to contest submissions? I would still conclude it within three chapters of course, so no cliff hangers or ‘to be continued’ notes at the end.


Of course :smile: it will still be your story. We’d just like it to have an end for the contest entry. What you do after we announce the winning stories is totally up to you as the author :sparkling_heart: