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Yeah ofc
What do you need?

OK hereโ€™s your request

Let me know if thereโ€™s anything you want me to change

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thank you so much

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hello I know I keep requesting but I love the way you do art and how efficient it is. may i request another art scene, please?

Yeah of course what do you need?

Thank you so much could you do something like this please?

golden crowns


Here are the details bb

Character 1

faces- square long jaw facial hair
eye- deepest downturned, green
hair- medium undercut, black
nose- grecian
mouth- medium natrual
skin- gold 05
eyebrow- generic, black
body- male athletic
extra: tatto: tribal skull full body ink black


Character 2


face- diamond
eye- round downturned wide, purple
nose- defined natural
skin- gold 03
eyebrow- arched natural black
Hair- sleek ponytail, gray
body-female athletic
extra: tattos: dragon sleeve, snake and rose on thigh, rose on hip
scar on cheek (8-10)

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Hello, i was if my request got accepted?

Yeah sure, I have other request to do and then Ill stsrt working on yours

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ok sorry , thank you

Hey hereโ€™s your request
Let me know if there is anything you wsnt me to change or add or if you want a background :))

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thank you so much. Do you mind just making the females skin a little lighter? And no i donโ€™t need a background. If you cant its fine i donโ€™t want to be a burden. Iโ€™m sorry

Is this better?

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Yes , thank you so much

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