Ko-fi or patreon for backgrounds? [discussion & poll]

So, I am going to make lot’s of background for episode soon.
and I have been thinking… but where???
as far as I know lots of other people use ko-fi and other use pateron.
so, what will be good to use and easy?

  • Patreon
  • Ko-fi

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Please, share your opinions!
I will post at least once a month… with a bundle of backgrounds like similar backgrounds with there matching overlays.

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I don’t use my Ko-fi that often so I could be wrong but I think Patreon offers you more options.
You can create different tiers, adjust how much each tier costs, adjust when patrons face fees. You can upload different forms of content on your page, not just images (backgrounds/overlays) but other things too if you so choose. You can title your posts, add descriptions, people can like the posts and comment. There’s also plenty of space for you to add your terms and conditions.

Although the good thing about Ko-fi is that they can pay you whatever it is you’re asking for (1 coffee, 2 coffees?) and then you can give them access to your backgrounds without them having to make a monthly subscription whereas with Patreon, patrons are more or less expected to pay a monthly fee (they can cancel at any time though) but their access is revoked upon cancellation, it might vary a bit though depending on your settings.

I think with Ko-fi you might have to have your backgrounds on another platform e.g Google Drive, I don’t think you can upload them onto your page in such a way that only those who have paid can see them unlike Patreon. I could be wrong though.

I’m sure others could give you more details and a better insight though. I haven’t explored Patreon in depth, I’ve just used it a lot more than Ko-fi. 🤷
They’d both have their pros and cons, but I’d say Patreon is definitely more geared towards new updates and monthly subscriptions, and Ko-fi seems to be geared more towards donations and/or one-off payments.


Yeah… patreon…
I have few question regarding patreon…

  • Do patreon turn png into something else?
  • Well, of course everyone will be able to download bgs and ols. BUT will they will get those bgs in the correct size I uploaded those bgs/ols? or will it mess up the quality?

and I just saw there are two option about payments.

  • one is monthly
  • and the other one is… per post. (I think I will choose this one… so If I don’t update one month by chance then they don’t have to pay for nothing… lol)

But I don’t know if it will work or not…

About ko-fi…
I use it just for taking arts payments… but never used it for any other stuff… lol…
but I saw sopho sellling her background for a specific amount… (don’t know how to do it… yet)

It sounds like she’s put it in ko-fi shop. That’s one of the features where you can sell digital products (like backgrounds & overlays). You can put a background and set a price once they buy it, they can download it. You also have the option for no price and they can put whatever payment they want.

No, it should remain as whatever format you uploaded it as and it should also stay the same size. Quality is good too. :blush:

You can also sell things on Gumroad, including bundles but I haven’t seen anyone use it for backgrounds and overlays yet. Don’t know if that’s something else you’d like to look at?

Well, since you’re already using Ko-fi for some form of payment, I don’t think it would hurt to try it out with your backgrounds too? You can always switch to a different platform later if you want to or not. 🤷

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okay thanks :sweat_smile:
about kofi I actually don’t know how to use it. :joy:

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thats good.
but do I have to upload those bgs in google drive as well? in order to sell them on kofi

That is up to you. I have a Kofi drive. I put ll my backgrounds in a Google drive folder an donce someone makes the payment on ko fi, they need to give me their email and then they get added tot he drive.

For selling backgrounds seperately on the shop you don’t have to. I suggest just going on ko fi & Patreon and seeing the websites and understanding how they work yourself. It’s not complicated, just see for yourself and then you can decide what platform you want to sell your product on.

okay, thanku so much!! :relaxed:

uhmm… no… I am not looking for leolist… calgary or mcmurra… :neutral_face:

So I just saw there is only 2 gb space.
so do I have to upgrade to gold to put bgs on shop? (in ko-fi)

This is up to you. You need to figure out what’s best for your backgrounds.

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hey, so I decided to use patreon.
and I am confused…about some things…

  • Can we fix a specific price for patrons? if yes, then how? (I mean when I tried to make my 1st post there was only an option to charge for the post…but there wasnt anything about how much)

  • What is a tier? and what it’s used for?

Sorry for disturbing you! :sweat_smile:

My page doesn’t charge per post, so I can’t really give you any answer on that specifically… sorry. But you should have a range of different settings and be able to decide how much. :thinking:

A tier is a level, so for instance Tier 1 might be say $5 and they might have access to 10 backgrounds at the time or whatever you want this tier to be able to access. Tier 2 might be say $10 and those patrons might have access to 20 backgrounds, Tier 3 might be $15 and have access to all backgrounds. Those are just examples. You have the power to decide what tiers can access what posts. (:

I just have one tier on my patreon for the moment. You could too if you wanted to.

Don’t worry, I really don’t mind. Don’t be afraid to talk to/ask me something whenever you want to.

yeah… but from where u choose how much to charge for a month?

thanku so much for explaining that to me :relaxed:

Thanku for being helpful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can’t remember because it was quite awhile ago that I created my page and the option I selected was permanent (it let me know that beforehand though) so I actually can’t switch.

But he’s a support page that you might find useful:

I’m so sorry that I can’t guide you through it myself but I honestly don’t remember each and every setting and I can’t switch how to charge patrons on my own page. :sweat_smile:

thanku, I will into it!

and it’s okay lol, I understand :relaxed:

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