Koofo Art Shop - Creative illustrator for you! (OPEN)

Greetings to y’all and welcome to my Art Shop! Here I can help you with art for your stories. :dizzy:
I am a creative, professional cartoon illustrator with over 3 years of experience in creating fun, beautiful and innovative digital art in diffrent areas.

:small_orange_diamond::small_orange_diamond::I guarantee: :small_orange_diamond: :small_orange_diamond:

• Excellent communication during the work on the project (timely responses, anytime communication while working (answering questions, clarifying details)

• Always finishing started projects

• Compliance with all the agreed deadlines for the delivery of the project

:warning: :warning: - I begin to work on the project only when I have a full understanding of what you need, so - I need a detailed description of the setting of your game / illustration, it will be also great if you’ll attach references.
But anyways, while discussion I can help you with development of your idea :slight_smile:

I can offer:

  1. Detailed character portraits (half body/full body), clothing - at your discretion, so as backgrounds (if you have any ideas);

  2. Small props (detalization level - at your discretion);

  3. Full-fledged, complete backgrounds (simple ones or with using of 3D assets), if you have initial ideas.

:exclamation:Comissions information: :exclamation:

• Information required for backgrounds (please send a pictures of the background, if you have a certain, specific background in mind):

Information required for characters ( skin tone, hair, face shape, etc. If there is more than one character - put their details on two different lines ie:
Female 1:
Male 2: ~~ etc):

I emphasize on the fact that I DO NOT work with requests “do something, I don’t know what”, so please, do have respect of your and my time, and if you’re making request - be sure to follow those small tips I mentioned above.

:exclamation: You can find my prices on my Instagram or pls just DM me :exclamation:

Examples of my projects:










OMG your examples are amazing!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Thank you soo much!! :hearts:

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no prob!
just a question
is it free?

Girl, these are amazing. You should do commissions!

You’re so talented :pleading_face:

I do it for a small fee :wink:


Thank you goddness! I created this topic for commissions ^^. You`re always welcome! :relieved:

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ohh okaay :revolving_hearts:

ig is blocked on my computer, so could you put pics of ur examples on here plz?

okay :wink:

hiya! I’m thinking about commissioning a background from you in the near future, probably in a few weeks/ months depending how I go with planning and money/ work wise, and was wondering if I could DM you on Instagram about how much a background would cost as I understand the cost could vary depending on complexity? I think it’s called a “quote” if I’m correct? :blob_hearts:

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Hi! Yes, you always can DM to me here or on Instagram, Everything is very individual and depends on the copmlexity, if you have an idea of your background we can discuss the price and terms :sparkling_heart:

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Thanks for putting the examples there!
Your examples are absolutely beautiful btw! <3

There are nothing complicated, thanks! :sparkling_heart:

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Also, are these paid or for free because I don’t see any prices…

I do it for a small fee, prices you can find on my Instagram (in Stories) or I can sedn you price-list here

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It’s okay! but ur art is beautiful! ill def come to you if I need it! <3


can I ask what the price is, I dont really look to commission, but if I can afford it I might change my mind.

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Hey are still open? The title says your open