Korean cosmetics good or not

A lot has been written about Korean cosmetics, a lot of reviews, but I doubted until the last one. I have combined skin, and in cold weather begins a complete nightmare. Therefore, I have several different creams, tones, and much more. Do you use Korean cosmetics? I have a couple of these creams https://top-mom.com/best-korean-moisturizer-for-oily-skin/ . What do you like or dislike most about it? For me, the fact that our stores overpriced them once in three.


I really have no idea how korean cosmetics are as products and how much they worth, but they look pretty :eyes::cherries:


personally I am not trusting anything not sold in my country, because here we have very strict roles on what can be in makeup.

a few years ago they found a lipgloss has a stuff in there was illegal here, its legal in other countries, because other places like USA, dont care that its posin because the dose is mild and won’t do anything unless you overuse. anyway, they were taken of the self,

they also did it with a few kids toy a few years ago, there apparently has a stuff in it too it is illegal.

so yeah I dont trust other countries who know what they put in. I am happy to live in a country there care,


I use some Korean skincare products and they really work well!
I reccomend Innisfree (especially Innisfree uwu), Etude House and Laneige. They are really good! :smiley:


It depends on which korean skin care products you like but I’d say if you use some they are the best! :blush:


They take their skincare seriously so yes.


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