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ok thanks :heart:

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Probably not. They havenโ€™t answered for 6 months.

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Np :slight_smile:

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Password: Bluejeans
could I have a splash please:

  • Style: LL

  • Artist: @kasiee

  • no characters in it please

  • background: Just a white or black background

  • Text: thank you for reading, this is the end of the chapter

  • text colour and font: If you pick a white background, black writing or the other way around. I donโ€™t mind what font it is.

  • what type of splash: edited splash please

Thank you, if you need anymore detail just let me know.


I donโ€™t think theyโ€™re still taking requests.


password - Bluejeans
style- ink drawn
artist- @kasiee
characterล› name - angelina
characterล› outfit- moon necklace , black shorts onseie bottom , ringed tank (black) , black ridged moto jacket , black sporty chic sneakers
characterล› deets - body (caramel) , brow (seductive round) , hair (beach wave hair) , hair color (blue light) , eyes (upturned feline) , eye color (white) , face shape (oval) , nose (upturned) , lips (classic) , lip color (raven).
Pose - 929EBE79-952C-4D2A-9D67-F01BECECC7C8 Yes, this is one of your artworks that i loveโ€ฆ But instead of the peace sign , i want it to be a middle finger. I also want the character to have a little smirk, if that is possible. And i want it to be a closeup like you have. dont add the blush like you showed.
Background -

I want atleast that color for my background.
Extras- nose ring on what every side the nose may clearly show. the nail color should be black.

can i request

Hello, how is my request? Itโ€™s been a while so donโ€™t mind me.

Do you have custom pose examples? @episode.erayla_x

Hi! Can I request a splash?


Style: Ink
Artist: @kasiee
Text colour and font: Black, fancyish looking
What kind of splash is it? โ€œThis story contains strong language and mature themesโ€
INK or LL? Ink
Drawn or Edited? Drawn







So just for the look of how they would be standing, Alexia on the left, Mia in the middle, Celaena on the right, but theyโ€™re poses would be Alexia shushing them but looking like sheโ€™s going to laugh, Mia holding her middle finger in the air, Celaena just laughing and leaning on Mia, Alexia facing right but Mia and Celaena facing left

Full body
Something else? Could you add silver hoops to Celaena and a nose piercing to Alexia and Celaena?


So her face would something like this,

But sheโ€™s shushing them at the same time like this,


Basically she would just look like the laughing part of the animation laugh_guffaw


Sheโ€™s not really flipping anyone off, itโ€™s just kinda in the air like in general


Could you just make it fit like it would in a iPhone screen?

I understand if you refuse, I know this is a lot but thanks for considering๐Ÿ’—

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Hey @kat.writesss I donโ€™t think @kasiee has been active. Sorry but most of the members havenโ€™t been active lately.

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Okay thanks for letting me know! :heartpulse:

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Surprise me plz!

hey guys, I was just wondering if I was able to request more than one art item. Or if you would prefer one at a time :slight_smile: thank you :white_heart:

hey! are uu guys still avaible for art requests, because i really love ur work! :heartpulse:

Are you guys still open 'cuz I wanted to request an large & small cover