Krisfire Academy

Please give me some characters for my Episode story. My story is a fantasy story and the characters goes to a school for the magical called Krisfire Academy. Everyone in the story has a animal companion, these animals connect with the character in ways no one else can, they represent your personality and you are able to mind link with them.

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INK, LL, or Classic?

Ink. Sorry I forgot to add that​:sweat::sweat_smile:

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XD, it’s fine


Mature Round
Beach Wave Black
Upturned Feline Green
Classic Mocha
Her companion is a wolf because she is strong and sensitive, and her outfit is anything black.

deets 2

Mature Round
Short Cropped Hair Blond
Gentle Almond Blue
Defined Triangle
Uneven Taupe
His companion is a cheetah, he is smart, fast, and can be sensitive. He wears anything the color blue and he loves ripped jeans.

If you need more and nobody else replies (which I highly doubt :joy:) lmk! @Bella05

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Could you please add outfits to these characters and their companion (I wrote what a companion in the post) and a name. Please

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