Krokoro's Art || Official Request Thread [CLOSED FOR NOW]

Layton is hotter than chili pepper ! :grimacing:


Like this ?

Title : Press Replay

Author : Mary-P

Genre : Horror

Style : INK

Status : Not out yet.

Description : When a person loose somebody, she show up on their phone propose to revive them. But the price is really High…

Cover : I want her to sit on a throne in hell. Or maybe in a devlish genie lamp. Idk I trust you but I absolutly want your signature somewhere in the cover.

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oo thank you! i’ll get working on your cover as soon as possible. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::heartpulse:

oOf, i actually logged back into my old acc. hey dere! :joy::heartpulse:


Hello, can you make a cover for me?
Can you make half of the side show the girl with the curls stand next to the dude with the glasses and have the girl with the two balls stand on the other side of him and the boy with the dreads stand on the other side of the girl with the curls? And on the other half showing them facing backwards and the girl with curls and the dude with the dreads are holding hands and the other holding each other hands (like their being sneaky) and can the background color be green and pink?

hey there! could you please fill out the form? that way, it would be easier for me to make a cover art for you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sparkling_heart:

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Classic or Ink?: ink
How many characters?: 4
Character’s details (image or typed out):

Character’s outfit(s)(image or typed out, allowed to ask me to draw or edit for you, however it depends on what kind of outfit you want): doesn’t matter ( the girls wear pink and the boys blue

Pose (allowed to ask me to edit your characters into positions like the one on top, however it depends on what kind of pose you want): they’re smiling but holding hands when you look behind

Background (anything specific? etc.) pink and blue

Story Title: Too Much Drama, Trust No One
Author’s Name: Mulasia
Description of your story?: Mulasia slept with someone she should’ve had more info on. What will happen to the baby? Is her mom lying?
Genre of story? (horror, comedy, romance etc.): Drama
Vibe of cover art? (happy, down, rainy, scary etc.): sneaky
Small and/or Large Cover: small and Large
Anything else you’d like to add on to the cover art? (flowers, balloons etc.):
Maximum time you’d want the cover art to be finished?: 2-3 days

hey! just wondering who is the “they” in the pose section? and what would you like the other two characters to do? oh and which one of the characters in Mulasia?

Sorry, everyone would be smiling. While Mulasia (the one with he curls) is holding the dude with the dreads hand and the dude with the glasses is holding the girl with the two balls hand (they’re holding hands behind they’re backs as if they were being sneaky

both the couples are sneakily holding hands behind their backs or only the dude with glasses and his girl?

Yes both are

(so the mulasia and the dude with the glasses are actually together but hes cheating on her with her best friend (with the balls) and mulasia met the dude with the dreads at a party to find out he’s her bestfriends cousin) that’s y their being sneaky

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ohh alrighty! i’ll make your cover art as soon as possible! :grin::two_hearts:

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hey @Katiekate!
finished your cover art, i really hope you like it! i know i didn’t put the thoughtbubble but for some reason i couldn’t make it work as well. :tired_face: please do tell me if you want to change anything! :wink::revolving_hearts:



thank you for requesting and i hope you like it! :yum::two_hearts:

-krokoro :heartbeat:


Thank you so much! I love it :purple_heart:

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Hi! Please could you do cover art for me
Could i please have sage in the front and the other characters a bit behind her NOT ALOT just wee little bit making look like she is standing infront of them and all jail clothing would be great.
Story title: Masterminds (in bold or something)
Author’s name: Isabella3pisode
Genre: action
Small cover if possible it will be an intro so 640x1136
Maximum time: None
Background: an explosive backgroud would be so cool!

Can sage have the hold gun animation while winking and can she be standing in the middle infront of them

Can i have him holding a grenade with the hold ring box animation

Could I have him hold the key to the grenade while smiling (something like that idek lol)

Can she be all shy or laughing cutely (you can decide she is the innocent type btw)

And the last one is an older man he is really freaking tall so can he be tall and angry :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for doing this if its too much don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

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oOf i’m actually excited to make this cover. :joy: it just seems so interesting! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::two_hearts:

YEESSSS CONFIDENCE IS BOOSTED lol thank you so much xoxo

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oOf heyy @Mary-P!
i just finished your cover art, i’m super sorry if this sucks as i had very little inspiration and my mind just went blank. i also made both, small and large covers, as you did not specify what sized covers you would like. please do tell me if you want to change anything! :tired_face::revolving_hearts:

(with, small cover)

(without, small cover)

(with, large cover)

(without, large cover)

thank you for requesting and i hope you like it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::revolving_hearts:

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You did a wonderful job out there !

Thank you so much !
Maybe just a little thing. I’m not very fond of green.

Anyways, bravoooo !

Hi there how is the cover going if you haven’ started it thats cool take your time i have like ages to wait anyway!

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