Krokoro's Art || Official Request Thread [CLOSED FOR NOW]

omg @Krokoro dude this art is awesome

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i use my phone to screenshot. :smile:

thank you! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::revolving_hearts:

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np. ur in Episode Studio right? Lol if so, we’re so lucky to have u :blush:

yea, i’m new there. i’m lucky to even be in Episode Studio. :joy::revolving_hearts:

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really? Lol we’re pretty immature but apparently ppl like us :joy: if anything, we’re lucky to have u.

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That may be why. Sometimes, if you’re using the previewer and try to screenshot, it causes it to think you’re trying to go back and get out of the story. I think that’s why it does that. But I could be wrong.


oOf hey, @Anniihp!
I finished your cover art! I actually don’t hate this. :joy: please tell me if you would like to change anything or if i missed out any details! :smile::sparkling_heart:

(with, small cover)

(without, small cover)

(with, large cover)

(without, large cover)

thank you for requesting and i hope you like it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::gift_heart:



hey hey! so i decided that i would open up requests for ink, classic AND limelight. you can request for character edits, profile pictures and splashes too! so feel free to request for one! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sparkling_heart: also, if there is anything i can improve on, do tell me!


Can I request?

I’d like to request an image just like this. Or if you can make 4 pictures that are the same just like 4 different sayings inside the splash.


of course! please fill out the splash form above! :smile::heartbeat:

Can i request another one?
I luv your art!

Text? (credit to-, chapter one etc.): Thanks for reading!
Classic, Ink or Limelight?: Ink
How many characters?: 2
Character’s details (image or typed out): You already know my character details :blush:
Character’s outfit(s)(image or typed out, allowed to ask me to draw or edit for you, however it depends on what kind of outfit you want): You already know my outfit :blush:
Pose (allowed to ask me to edit your characters into positions like the one on top, however it depends on what kind of pose you want): The long straight hair one would be a peace sign while winking, and the other one is admire
Background (anything specific? etc.): Pastel coloured background
Anything else you’d like to add on to the splash? (icons, sparkles etc.): G-L-I-T-T-E-R

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of course! i’ll get right to it. :hugs::heartbeat:

Thank you! It’s great! :slight_smile: I will use it in my story that i tend to publish soon!

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thank you! i’m so happy that you liked it! :hugs::gift_heart:

Text: “Turn up your volume this story contains sound” for the first. for the second “Grab a snack and settle in”
for the third put “Credits to Saneepisode” And for the last one put "This story is loading

Their outfits are the ones that are gonna be in the splash
I would like V crazy to pose with the head bob action
I would like Nella to do the flirt wink pose and
MC Kenzie before to do the talk forward neutral pose
MC kenzie after to do the primp conscened pose
Katherine to do the idle angry arms corssed pose
Kaiden to do the think loop pose
Aiden to do the flirt wink forward pose
Hazel to do the jazzhands pose
Gabe to do the flirt fingersnap pose
Derrick to do the talk happy agree pose
Can you put Kenzie (before) in the middle Also put Kenzie (after) in the middle as well? like put them in the center back to back to show an effect that they’re the same person. Make kenzie (before) to face left and kenzie (after) to face right
Here’s a photo

I want the font to say “Mackenzie” on the title where you put “sky gem” in black


The aqua blue shade to be the splash and the light blue shade to be the font where it says “turn up your volume”,etc
And lastly can you make a vivid blur

like this kind of blur in the tittle
so like the lower case have the blur and all uppercase is normal > “MAckENZie”
THAT WILL BE ALL I KNOW ISSA LOT. SORRY LMAO BUT IF YOU CANT DO SOME OF THIS its ok im asking for allot!!! btw take as much time as you want

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oo this sounds interesting to make. i’ll make it as soon as possible! :hugs::heartbeat:


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not a request

ok so, i suck :joy: i don’t know if ya’ll would want to request this but, thoughts? (oh and anyone noticed anything different? :smirk:)