Kylee's Outfit Shop (Open)

Hey Ya’ll!! I’ve had some down time and love creating outfits so feel free to request some thing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pleading_face:
I do all types of outfits so feel free to request anything!!
Thank You!!


LL or Ink -
Gender -
Body Type -
Style -
Occasion -
Anything Specific You Are Looking For -

Limelight Examples

Ink Examples

I don’t require any credit this is just for fun!!

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Hey! I need some make outfits if that’s ok :heart:
LL or Ink - LL
Gender - Male
Body Type - normal or athletic , no difference
Style - I want some formal (but not like for a gala just for meetings and stuff) and some casual (like to go out with friends, no like casual at home. Idk if you understand what I’m saying hahha)
Occasion - I added it on top
Anything Specific You Are Looking For - not really, you choose!

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you got it i’ll get them to you first thing in the morning!!

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Thank you !

alrighty here are your outfits!!

Formal Outfits

Casual Outfits

if these outfits are not what you were looking for please let me know and ill fix them immediately

They’re perfect! Thank you !

bumpity bump bump