KylieJay’s Art Shop!🌻 [CLOSED]

Please tag me as well. :blush:

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No problem! :heartpulse:

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Do you do character edits

Yes I do, however my shop is closed at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Kylie! Here I am once again :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Please @ me when you open again, I’m starting a new story and need some covers from the Queen :crown:

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Ahw, you flatter me too much! :pleading_face::point_right:t2::point_left:t2::heartpulse:
I can certainly do that for you, I’m hoping to open again within the next week or so :blush::heartpulse:

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Hi there!
Your art is absolutely amazing :sparkles: and I was wondering if you could tag me when your art shop is open again because I would love to have either my Pfp or story cover made by you!
It’s totally fine if not :slight_smile:

-Ao :heart:

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Hey! Of course I can tag you! :star_struck: I’m hoping to open within the next week or so :crossed_fingers:t2::heartpulse::sparkles:


Hey @KylieJay Can I just say Your art is absolutely STUNNING!!! :exploding_head: :gift_heart:I seriously admire your artwork and your incredible talent like honestly your art is GOREGOUS!!! :sparkling_heart: I am trying to write a new story and I would really love to have a wonderful art scene done by you when you’re open and not busy!! If It is possible may you please tag me when you are open but I totally understand if you can’t! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

Have a Wonderful day/night
xxxxx :two_hearts:

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Hi! Thank you sooo much!! I’d be more than happy to make some things for your story :smile: I’m hoping to reopen within the next week or so, so I’ll certainly tag you when I’m officially open again! :heartpulse::heartpulse::sparkles:


Could you please let me know when you’re open? I would love to request a small/large cover!

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Of course! Your tag is at the top of my list, actually!! Haha.
I’ll probably reopen in a couple days, I’m almost done with my next episode that I wanted to publish first :blush:


Yay! Thank you!

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Hey! Can you tag me whenever you reopen and are taking requests??
I love your art, it’s so pretty! :heart_eyes:


Hi! Sure thing! I’ll add you to my list😊
And thank you so much!!:heartpulse:



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I’m open again!! :tada::tada::tada:

Everyone tagged below has either asked to be tagged or expressed interest in my shop. I still go by first come first served, however you all will have first dibs over anyone else who requests!


@nicole.eats.chicken - I have your request in our pm so I’ll get started on that first :slightly_smiling_face:

My shop is still running under 3 spots only. Due to the number of people who requested to be tagged, I’ll be accepting all of their requests immediately. Anyone else who wants to request, I will only accept til I fill my regular 3 spots just so others can have a chance as well. After those 3 spots are filled, I’ll go back to putting everyone else on a separate wait list for when I reopen again (if you’d like that).

It might sound confusing but it makes sense to me so…just ask if you have any questions​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::joy:


Even though I try to stick to first come first served, PLEASE PLEASEE PLEASEEE let me know if you have a deadline to receive your request!! My list is going to be huge right aways and the last thing I want is for people to not get their stuff when they’d like it. So PLEASE let me know so I can plan and prioritize accordingly.

Thank you!!!


Is your story published?? If it isn’t, and you’re not close to being done, I can add you to a separate wait list until you’re ready, as I’m currently not doing work for unpublished stories. Feel free to pm me to discuss this further. This story is not published but I’m on episode 2 so feel free to put me on that separate waiting list, I just don’t have a cover yet

Small, Large or Splash?
Large or large and small if we are allowed to do that?
Story Title/Genre:
The genre is romance
The title is: My Brainiac
# of Character(s)/Name(s):
Macey- Macey is a very athletic and outgrowing girl who is secretly hiding dyslexia. She is her schools best volleyball player and depends on volleyball to be what she’s known for but can’t play if she doesn’t pass her classes.

Lee-Lee is a very smart boy who has his life mapped out in what his parents want from him. He has never experienced love or anything like that so he’s new to everything.

Macey Evans
Generic body-Gold 03
Arched natural-deep brown
Long Straight Loose Solid-Brunette brown
Deepset Almond-grey cool
Grecian Soft
Full Heart Pouty-Neutral medium nude gloss

Lee Navdin
Rose 04
Straight medium scar-deep brown
Wavy messy-dark brown
Deepest downturned-dark green
Chiseled square stubble shaved
Grecian narrow
Medium straight natural-Rose light nude gloss



Under the tree or in zone 1
instead of the toothbrush her finger can just be on her chin.
IG/Author Name on Cover?: Makayla.Reed bug the name doesn’t need to be on there.
Font Style (pic for reference) /Extra Elements (ie: headphones, lollipop, mirror etc): none
Additional Info for Me?:
Permission to record to put on my YouTube channel? If yes, give your username and story title (if applicable) to promote you in my description:
Oh yeah! You can post it anywhere
Password (read rules & blur it): KylieDesigns

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I would love if you could make me a small cover for my LL story! I have splashes and a large cover done by my lovely friend molly :pleading_face::pleading_face: and a splash by bmc, but I’d love your help.

The story is published in ink, and soon ready to be in LL, but take your time! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Small, Large or Splash? Small cover :)) (drawn)
Story Title/Genre: Warm Me Up (mystery)
# of Character(s)/Name(s): 2 characters, Noah and Summer




Background/Picture?: Something dark, maybe the Gazebo night background?
Poses?: could he stand behind her with his arms Wrapped around her torso and his head on top of hers? They can both be looking at the camera and she can be holding his arms
IG/Author Name on Cover?: Jeebs
Font Style (pic for reference) /Extra Elements (ie: headphones, lollipop, mirror etc): Nope!
Additional Info for Me?: No I don’t think so!
Permission to record to put on my YouTube channel? If yes, give your username and story title (if applicable) to promote you in my description: yes of course!
Password (read rules & blur it): kyliedesigns

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Ahhhh thank you so much for tagging me!!

Is it possible for me to request a profile picture from you?
If so, here is the form:

My name is Ao and I would say my personality is soft and shy. I really love fall and coffee😌

I can’t decided really, but can I have it like fall themed🙃
Anything fall themed, please🙂
Extra Elements/Additional Info?:
I have many freckles on my face and a double ear piercing :sparkles:
Permission to record to put on my YouTube channel? If yes, give your username and story title (if applicable) to promote you in my description:
Yes! Of course!
Password (read rules & blur it):


If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

Thank you again,

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